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Sleepy Head Valentine

For Valentines day, I shall most likely make my husband a home-made gift from the kids and a little something made by myself… probably something to do with paint and copious amounts of glitter. That’s a given. In the past I’ve sewed him Cross-stitch, me and the kids made foot-prints onto canvass and this year will be just as artsy-craftsty I am sure.

But, I do like the idea of buying him an actual grown-up present, one from just me, his wife, and not including the kids. The man has so much, he doesn’t care for over-the-top gifts and actually just moans at me when I attempt to go flash. He likes practical. Something that he can use daily that will actually benefit his role of ‘husband’. Or board games. He likes board games. But I decided that we have enough of those.

One of Jays Man-Roles is to change the bedding (along with taking the bins out and emptying the cat litter tray). I don’t like changing bedding. I get all hot and stuffy climbing into the duvet cover. That’s the only way to change it right?! And I never actually manage to get the duvet to sit flat- it always seems to get twisted or bunched. In fact I am half convinced that I am trying to shove a kingsize duvet into a normal double cover. Note: We don’t have a kingsize bed. I’m not even sure if it qualifies as a double.

So, I’ve decided to treat my husband early. I huffed and I puffed (please remember I am also just 4 weeks away from giving birth, so I was huffing and puffing hell of a lot here) and changed the bedding for him. But… I included a sweet little romantic twist…

An awesome set of cute his n’ hers pillow cases for the bed from LovePillowCases.



These fab pillow cases from Human Touch merch are just one pair from a huge range of fab designs. They are made from beautiful good quality pillow cases and are a perfect valentines gift for your loved one, or even as a gift for your newly-married friends to celebrate their first valentines day together!

The print of the pillow cases are of an excellent quality, and the cotton feels nice and thick. The pillow cases measure 20″ x 30″ So will easily fit most standard pillows.


I am so pleased with how the pillow cases look together when on the bed, And I cannot wait for him to come home from work and see them. Better still, get the kids in bed and kick back with a good movie while relaxing in our favourite space.

Even the packaging that these pillow cases arrive in is awesome! A sweet eco friendly box, with funky designs that have space to be written on if you are sending them as a gift too.


‘Love Bride’ design pillow cases are the beautiful cases featured on my bed and are available from LovePillowCases at just £16.99 and they would make beautiful wedding gifts, anniversary presents or even stunning birthday presents too for the right people.

But of course, you could always send your crush a set, signed from their secret admirer 😉

love3 love2 love1


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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