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Sensory Play With The New Teletubbies Toy Range

Jimmy is now at that age where he can watch TV for a short period of time. Recently he has shown a great interest in Mr. Tumble and the Teletubbies. He can sit in his own little chair and giggle away at Cbeebies and seems to understand a little more at what is going on, on the screen in front of him. When we were contacted by the lovely team from Character Online to review an awesome new toy from their Teletubbies range, we knew that Jimmy would be the perfect kid to help us review.

Who Is Tinky Winky?

Tinky Winky is the big purple Teletubby from the popular BBC children’s TV show The Telletubbies. He has been popular with kids for over 20 years, along with his co-stars Dipsy, LaLa and Po.


Tinky Winky Sensory Soft Toy

Jimmy received his Tinky Winky Sensory Soft Toy and was instantly in love. This Tinky Winky encourages his curiosity, as every part of the toy is designed to capture his senses and encourage the development of his gross motor skills. Made from multi-textured materials, bright colours and different patterns, the Tinky Winky Sensory Soft Toy encourages tactical awareness and sensory explorations for little ones right from birth. Jimmy is nearly 1 year old, but finds his new Tinky Winky great fun and has now been keeping it close to his reach for the last 2 days.

The soft toy features gentle chiming sounds when moved and has a great mirrored tummy to add to the fun! He loves sitting with Tinky Winky and staring at his reflection. The materials used to make Tinky Winky have clearly been of interest to Jimmy. The body is knitted and Jimmy loves running his fingers across the knitted textures. Tinky Winky’s arms are a soft silk material, but filled with a crinkly sounding stuffing so they make a great crinkle noise when rubbed. His ears and feet are also made from a crinkly sounding material too.

Tinky Winky’s soft knitted body makes him so cuddly!

Because Jimmy has syndactyly he does find holding onto certain toys and other items a little tricky at times. This Tinky Winky toy however is a nice large size, with no fiddly parts and finds it really easy to hold on to. Despite the limits to his fingers (as they are fused) he is really enjoying running his hands across the different textures of this toy and exploring what he can feel. Because the toy is rather large, but not too big, he can easily hug Tinky Winky in his arms with no problems.

I was instantly surprised by how heavy the Tinky Winky Sensory Soft Toy was. I assume it’s due to the Teletubbie being filled with beans and the sound ‘rattle’ inside. The whole toy feels well made, and designed to survive the rough and tumble of a baby right through to toddlerhood.

Tinky Winky has a hard face, which features incredible detail. It looks just like the Teletubbies that we see on TV! Look how wonderful his eyes look!

Where To Buy

This gorgeous Tinky Winky Sensory Soft Toy would make a wonderful Christmas present for any baby this year. It costs £24.99 from the Character website here. There are a few other toys in the Teletubbies Nursery Plush range, including a Stackable Po and Dipsy Pull And Retract. All as equally adorable and great for babies.


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**The Teletubbies Tinky Winky Sensory Soft Toy was sent to us in exchange for this post**


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