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Russell Brand Live At The Apollo

On Tuesday night, my husband Jay and I were extremely lucky to be given the chance to go see Russell Brand live at the Hammersmith Apollo, on his very successful Messiah Complex world tour.

We set off at 5pm, and although we were super excited I was feeling a little anxious because it was the first time that we had left the kids with the grandparents and set off for a night out as a couple. It was our first night out ALONE since our wedding night, a whole year ago! OK, I was way more excited than anxious. A night of no nappies, tantrums, and mayhem… but a night of fun, comedy and acting like a couple again!

Here is me and Jay as we boarded the train into London….

Russell Brand Newhouse

The tube was rammed because England were playing Poland at Wembley, but we made our way through the crowds of flag waving, chanting football fans and shortly arrived at Hammersmith. We quickly rammed a bite to eat into our hungry mouths and made our way to the Apollo. The event was sold out and the energy of the crowd waiting to enter was super high.

russell brand sold outOnce inside the impressive theatre, we made our way to our seats just in time for the support act for the evening Mr.G, a poet that warmed up the audience perfectly. I was lucky to get a few snaps of the set for Russell, but being so dark in the theatre, my little phone could only just capture what we saw.

rb stage


The music to keep the crowd happy and high was Russell’s choice of The Smiths, kept very loud and kept the crowd singing along. The lights started to dim and it was time to get my glasses out… I NEEDED the clearest view of Russell, as I am sure most women in the world would agree with me here.

RB start

Once Russell was on stage, he was side splittingly funny from the very start to the very end. He found himself at ease laughing at his own previous TV and film appearances, and his activist history, and he wasn’t short of reminding us all of his past drug and sex addictions. The show was not short of rude language, rude gestures and rude stories of his past (I am not complaining, I needed a good dose of explicit language, hip thrusting and oral sex demo’s, anything to remove myself from my daily norm of The Tweenies and Mr Tumble).

RB on stage


Brand’s Messiah Complex set, spoke of Ghandi (good and bad) Che Guevara (and his Mercedes advert), Malcom X (and his hand gestures) And Jesus Christ (can’t say much here without ruining the punchline to the whole gig)… with Brand letting us all know, in the best ways possible how he too has the messiah complex himself. Russell used his usual elaborate speech, flamboyant body language and his wonderful charm to capture us and keep us for the whole gig.

Oh, and poor Gary Lineker who was sat in the audience really was the butt of a few jokes… mainly because England were playing a major match at the same time, remember.

To conclude, an amazing night that really was good for the soul. There was never a dull moment with a gag every minute. A quick midnight BurgerKing and a nap on the train, we were back home to give the kids a sleepy kiss before retiring to bed ourselves. What an amazing night.

So, who would I like to go see next? I think I would next fancy some Taylor Swift tickets? Or maybe Bruno Mars? Hhmmmm….

Thanks go to Seatwave who provided us with the tickets free of charge. Opinions expressed in the post are my own


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