High Tech Cleaning Gadgets from Cyberclean

I’m quite lucky in that I have a pretty nifty smart phone.

I’m also quite lucky in that I have two very curious, often very sticky children, who help themselves to it whenever they catch sight of them. They also enjoy talking to Nanny on the phone in the evenings, usually just after dinner, so congealed foodstuffs around the mouthpiece-end is also a common occurrence.

For these reasons, the glass screen gets really quite grubby, really quite quickly, and I find myself constantly battling to keep it clean enough to use.

Recently, I discovered Cyberclean online (there is certainly a buzz developing around their products) and now I feel like I can relax just a little more.

Cyberclean stock a liquid spray cleaner that resides within a handy stylus no bigger than your average permanent marker pen. I’ve got myself one to try out.

Cyberclean Stylus

in the box, you get an additional 3 refill cartridges, a clip that attaches the stylus to most tablet cases, and of course, the stylus itself. Mine is in white to match my phone, but there is also a black version available.

cyberclean contents of box

The stylus required no real set up and is pretty much ready to use out the box.

Here’s my phone (grubby, sticky, smeared!) before cleaning:

iphone 4 before cleaning with cyber clean

…and during:

cleaning with the cyberclean stylus

…and after (WOW LOOK HOW SHINY IT IS!!):

iphone 4 after cleaning with cyberclean stylus

I am so impressed with this product. It’s highly portable, and goes with us everywhere now. At £15 I don’t feel like it’s a particularly expensive product, I don’t like to scrimp on cleaning products. Plus, you only really need to spray and wipe once to get a really great result that makes the phone touch screen feel a lot more responsive. So I can’t see us breaking into any of the refill cartridges any time soon.

As a bonus, the stylus works well too – something a little uncommon when iPhones are concerned. I don’t have many apps that warrant using a stylus, but perhaps next time the kids want to go on one of the kids apps, it will help them with their co-ordination.

using the cyberclean stylus cleaning product

Cyberclean also stock a putty called “Cyberclean Cleaning Compound”. The basic premise is that the compound sinks down into difficult places to clean, and can then be lifted out, with the dirt attached. At the same time, the putty has anti-bacterial properties that cleans the area, and keeps it clean.

I’ve tried the putty too, and it works well with shoes and also my computer keyboard, but to be honest, I probably won’t use it again. I’ve sent it to work with Jay – he works in an office and I know he has problems getting crumbs out of his keyboard (only joking, Jay!).

cyberclean compound

cyberclean compound after cleaning




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