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Unfortunatly we cannot knock any holes into our walls… we live in a rented property and the walls are like tissue paper, so A) We shouldn’t and B) I’m too scared too! There are a few nails left in the wall from the previous tenant so we have to make do with the 4 nails that we have, in the living room. Other than our clock and a small photograph from the day Willow was born we have pretty bare, white and boring walls.

I always liked the idea of a nice big canvas to hang on the wall to brighten up the living room. And as I cannot knock up any more pictures, the idea of a collage seemed fantastic. I could put all of my favourite pictures of the girls together on one big canvass, saving space but still being able to have lots of pictures displayed.

Then last week, I was a very lucky lady to be given to opportunity to build my own collage canvas with Atrium collage canvases and review it. I could design my own collage, with my own pictures. This was made super easy for me to do as the website can grab all my photos from Facebook and Instagram, or I had the choice to choose files stored on my computer. I could easily click and drop my favourite images onto the canvass template, and shuffle the pictures so they all fit and looked perfect. As much as people may think I am a whizz at using a computer, I am actually terrible. I am constantly calling Jay up at work asking him how to do the most simple of tasks, but the Atrium Canvas website was fool proof. The hardest part was choosing which pictures to put on it! I could adjust the size and colour of the borders that I would like in between each photo and choose if I wanted plain sides (the box-y bit) and if I wanted the canvas made glossy with a protective ‘film’ or kept matt. I went for mirrored edges, as I like the whole canvas to be printed, and I went for a matt finish.

atrium collage canvas

The payment process was easy (you can even pay by pay-pal, which many of us prefer these days) and delivery was very quick. I had a couple of emails from Parcelforce telling me where my canvas was in process (Dispatched etc) and it arrived very quickly and perfectly packaged to avoid any damage. The canvass was framed perfectly onto the wood and had great sized hooks for hanging.

Over all, a very simple easy process from designing my own canvas to hanging it up on my wall (remember I only had a choice of 4 nails!). The canvas was beautifully made and of exceptional quality. I am extremely happy with the result and would love to explore their other canvass styles in the future.

Here is the canvass that I designed, hung on our living room wall. Very happy and very proud mummy alert!

atrium collage canvas

I was sent this item for review from Atrium Canvas. All opinions expressed are my own.



Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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