Aldi Halloween Treats!

The Fab guys at Aldi have sent me some lovely Halloween products to review.

Firstly is the Dr. Oekter Halloween Cupcake kit. It makes12 cupcakes and you just have to add butter and 2 eggs. I made these with my sister and she had loads of fun decorating them with the orange icing, little ghosts and black writing icing. The pack says to use an electric whisk but I do not have one so I hand whisked the mix and it worked fine. It mixed lovely and they tasted divine. Great for kids, as you only have to wait 12 mins for them to cook! My sister decorated them by painting skulls, cobwebs, the word ‘Boo’ and spiders. Great fun for the family, and they were eaten in minutes. Oh… and they only cost £1.59!

Dr. Oetker Halloween Cupcake KitHalloween Cakes

Next to review was the Halloween Solid Chocolate Figures. Now I love chocolate, and so does my little girl and Husband. So I consider ourselves professionals in the chocolate world. Just 99p Aldi are charging for the chocs, with 8 in a bag. They are large chunks of chocolate, so totally worth the 99p. The chocolate was lovely and tasted nice and I shall definitely think about buying Aldi chocolate again. Willow loved them too, but I do not think I will give them to the neighbors kids when trick or treating. I think I will have eaten them all by then! The chocolates are wrapped in cute bug printed foil and stuck to little cardboard shapes (bug legs and bat wings!). Perfect as a spooky treat for the kids on October 31st!

Aldi Chocolates

Lastly, Is the Halloween Face Crayons. Now these… I had a LOT of fun with. I had a pumpkin on one cheek and a ghost drawn on the other! Willow had a spider’s web, and Jay had a flying Bat. You get 8 crayons in a pack (Black, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red, Green, Brown, White). The crayons draw on very nicely and smoothly. And you do not have to press hard to get them to draw, unlike some face crayons. They also blend really well to soften any lines and mix colours. I used baby wipes to remove it when finished and it came off really easily with no heavy scrubbing, and fantastically it did not stain my skin… which has scarily happened to me in the past! I just wish that they came in a reusable box, because I want to keep them to use again but have now had to store them in an old tub. oh, and just £1.99!

Aldi Halloween face paints

Hazel Newhouse

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