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It’s Real Nappy Week 2017!

It’s arrived! I get so excited for Real Nappy Week every year, because it’s a week of guaranteed fun, discovery and lots of fabulous competitions.

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Each year I tend to write a few posts to celebrate RNW and get more people exploring the joys of using reusable nappies. The popularity of cloth nappies has risen over the last few years, and no longer do parents have to battle with folding terry towels and safety pins, but can instead explore the wonderful range of patterns, styles and sizes of nappies available on the market. There really is a brand to suit everyone and every baby.

I figured for the 1st day of RNW17 I would give you a few facts about our journey using cloth nappies over the last 5 years (yup, 5!) and if I can do it, so can you.


  • We bought our first set of reusable nappies from Mothercare when I was pregnant with our firstborn, Willow. That specific range has since been discontinued but they remain some of my favourite newborn nappies.
  • The Mothercare nappies above have been used on all 4 of my kids, and have been kept for baby #4 due in September!
  • We have never had a day in TheNewhouseFamily home where we haven’t used cloth nappies, in 5 years. Most of that time has been spent with at least 2 kids in cloth. But now all 3 are potty trained it is only Ivy using them at night. But soon, we shall have a newborn in daily cloth and Ivy at night. Back to 2 cloth bums at once.
  • We have only used cloth for all 3 girls, with the exception of holidays and when they have stayed over with family. With each chid we have used more cloth.
  • We started using cloth nappies and then extended our cloth journey to baby wipes, women’s menstrual products and even toilet paper.
  •  We have only bought 4 packs of baby wipes in 5 years and around 6 packs of nappies.
  • Our family have spent around £40 on cloth nappies in total. Most of what we own are second hand and found at carboots and NCT sales.
  • My girls have never had nappy rash or sore bums.
  • All of our original nappies bought over 5 years ago are still in use at night for Ivy and will all be used on the new baby.

    Most of my nappy stash was given to us by a friend.
    Most of my nappy stash was given to us by a friend.
  • I make my own reusable nappy liners (keep your eyes peeled for a post on this!)
  • Because I’ve used mostly cloth nappies, cloth baby wipes and eliminated the use of nappy sacks, I have saved a whopping £1885 (approx.) PER CHILD – source Fill Your Pants. That figure will be £7540 after having 4 kids in cloth until potty training. The figure could be higher considering I’ve used the same nappies for all 4 children. Booooosh!
  • My girls have all potty trained sooner because of cloth nappies. Kids in cloth tend to train sooner because they are more aware of being wet, rather than sitting in ‘touch dry’ style disposables. My kids all trained within 1 week either side of their 2nd Birthday.
  • I have never broken a washing machine, had gross smells in my house or spent a fortune on laundry costs due to nappies-  despite what people’s stereotypical views may be. I shall write more about washing nappies later this week.

So this Real Nappy Week please have a look at the reusable options. It not only will save you money, but you shall reduce chemical exposure to your children, reduce landfill, save British tax payers money (for every £1 spent of disposable nappies, 10p is spent by the tax payer sending them to landfill) but you will also get to look at pretty, fluffy butts all the time. What’s not to love?

Visit the Go Real website for more information, exclusive RNW17 competitions and offers. If you have ANY questions about how we use cloth nappies do get in touch either by the comments box below or TheNewhouseFamily Facebook page.


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