A healthy and well balanced diet means we get all of the nutrients and energy we need to see the day through. A crappy diet means a crappy day, and worst of all, crappy health. We all need a little oooommpphh once in a while.



3 meals a day is recommended, but we also need a few smaller snacks during the day to keep us going. All new brand Real Handful have come at us, with a new snacking revolution. Real Handful have created an exciting new spin on the classic Trial Mix, that many of us know. The high energy dried fruit and nut mix give out slow energy with an extra kick to keep you working hard. Whether that’s going up a mountain or working through a mountain of paperwork.  There are 6 flavours to choose from and each being and flavoursome and tasty as the next. Blood Orange & Dark Chocolate, Go-Go-Goji Berries, Blueberry Blitz Mix, Strawberries and Cream, Mixed Berry Crunch and Mochaccino.

TheNewhouseFamily have put Strawberries & Cream, Blueberry Blitz, Mixed Berry Crunch and Go-Go-Goji Berries through the taste test and we have been very impressed so far. The kids loved Strawberries & Cream. The dried strawberries were packed with flavour, chewy and gooey and the extra bonus was little chunks of creamy white chocolate yumminess. My favourite had to be Go-Go-Goji Berries, due to its crunchy variety of nuts and seeds and a sweet surprise was the dark cholate chunks hidden inside. The packs were a nice size and unlike some trial mix packs there was a decent sized portion. My 4 year old did polish off a pack in (what felt like) under a minute flat, but I suppose that is a sign that she liked them. I decided to grab a pack just before the 3:30pm school run when my energy was flagging. I had the energy boost needed the get to both schools with a smile on my face. I am known to get grumpy when I’m tired. Not good when you’re surrounded by hundreds of screaming children.

The packs are 40g each and are small enough to keep in your handbag or pop into your child’s lunch box with ease. The fast and slow releasing energy is perfect brain and body food to keep anyone going through the afternoon until home time. I am still breastfeeding Ivy, who is now 19 months old. That takes up a lot of energy in itself, so keeping a cheeky pack in the bedside draw is a great snack to grab for replacing those calories burnt from feeding and ideal to keep myself feeling energised too… perfect when I’m having to run around after her… 24/7.

Real Handful strawberries and cream

Real Handful was created by a lovely couple; Joe and Carly (and support and cuddles from their 2 young sons) after a hike across the Grand Canyon. Joe snacked on trial mix, but after the holiday wondered why the famous mix wasn’t available in the UK. So… he decided to make his own. Booooosh! Real Handful was born.

Available via the Real Handful online shop, or available to buy in store (and online) at Boots, Holland & Barratt, Ocado, Harris and Hoole and Booths. Packs of 4 and 10 are available.

Real Handful


*sample packs of Real Handful were sent to me for review purposes*

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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