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You may have read on my blog that we popped along to The Baby Show at London’s Excel a few weekends ago. A lot has changed since then, we have had a baby! And with a new baby comes new wheels.

Quinny Stroller Moodd Black Black Devotion 2015

Quinny Moodd Review For Toddler

We have spent the last week with our toddler in the test seat, prepping us for baby’s arrival. The new Quinny Moodd can be used superbly with a toddler, but is still easily adaptable so as to keep our new tiny human (Ivy) comfortable and safe when out exploring. The Moodd is the perfect mix of style and functionality, it looks stunning and has an amazing range of intelligent features. It is smooth and stylish and is perfect for the wide range of adventures us mums embark on – from school runs, to high-street shopping trips. Keeping it fashionable and comfortable, for both baby and you.

Firstly lets talk colour: We chose the Quinny Moodd in Black Devotion, just one of the 5 colours in the collection. Also available is Black Irony, Grey Gravel, Red Rumour and Blue Base. Each as stunning as the last with either a black or white chassis and coloured basket to match the seat and hood.

Quinny Moodd Review Colours From Catalogue

The Quinny Moodd can be used from birth in a couple of different ways – lay the seat flat and quickly pop in the newborn Baby Nest, or click the stylish, sleek and foldable (in seconds!) carrycot onto the chassis. The seat is suitable for toddlers too, up to around the age of three and a half (15kg), providing a smooth ride for when little legs start to get tired. To change from newborn to toddler versions is so quick and easy. The shoulder straps are easy to pop through the sequential height slots as needed, and the Baby Nest is equally as easily popped into place, with the head support zipped in on top. All of the straps are easily adjusted, and not fiddly at all, even for dad’s masculine (and sometimes clumsy) hands. The seat lays back completely flat with one-handed action, using a sleek tab at the back of the seat. For a toddler, the seat sits upright and can be turned to sit on the chassis forward-facing or parent-facing depending what your child prefers. The straps are comfortable, with just the right amount of padding that sit on baby’s shoulders without cutting into their neck. Each is popped in with fasteners to ensure that they don’t slip out of place. A very unique bumper bar (more like a super cool, T-bar for pretend driving) clicks into place with ease too. When the T-Bar isn’t in use, there in a great little extra bit of plastic to pop into its place to fit the empty gap on the seat, so the smooth and beautiful look of the pushchair isn’t lost. My toddler likes to be laid flat back in her seat when she naps in the pushchair, which the Quinny Moodd does perfectly, just like when being used for the newborn baby!

Quinny Moodd Review with Newborn insert

The carrycot for the Quinny Moodd is available to buy separately and looks just as stunning. The carrycot also folds flat in seconds. When the lady on the Quinny stand told me this I was sceptical, I have tried to fold quite a few various carrycots down over time and while they are all relitavly simple, I was often all fingers and thumbs and it took more than a few seconds (a few, even minutes) but with one swift action the whole cot collapsed into a thin wafer! Mind = blown! A great feature for those with small car boots, or even those short of storage space in the home.

Quinny Moodd Carrycot review

The chassis unfolds automatically. When the lovely lady at the Quinny/Maxi Cosi stand showed me this I was absolutely blown away….How this simple feature makes my day so much easier is amazing. With one hand I just release the catch holding the chassis down and up it pops….all by itself using its unique gas spring system! A great feature when juggling 2 restless toddlers and a newborn whilst trying to get out of the door for school. Folding the chassis is very easy too, with the whole system folding back in a smooth downwards action with very little effort and unlike other prams, the seat doesn’t need to be taken off first.

moodd folded
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I am very short and my husband is quite tall. This is often a problem with handle bar height. If it’s too high I will get shoulder pain when walking and if it’s too low he will get back ache. Luckily the Quinny Moodd handlebar is adjusted with a small button on the bar itself. You just have to squeeze the button and put the bar to the height you want it and it just clicks into place. When walking with the Moodd, changing between myself and the husband pushing the pram, we automatically changed the height between us without even a second thought. It really is that easy… 🙂 Happy shoulders and happy backs!

Quinny Moodd handlebar review

The only little negative I can find with the Quinny Mood is the shopping basket size. It holds a maximum of 5kg, something which I would have liked to be bigger. I think the basket would be ideal for nipping to the shops, but for myself who can often wander the town centre for a *cough* little while, I think I would struggle to fit much more than a few items of shopping (along with toys, coats, juice bottles and several sticks- you know what toddlers are like) In the basket.

I found the whole pushchair system felt quite sturdy and strong, with no worries of the buggy tipping up on me when mounting curbs and little footpaths when out and about. I was worried about how sturdy the Quinny Mood would feel as I am used to wider 4 wheel systems and the Mood sits on a 3 point (but still has 4 wheels) style chassis. I soon forgot my worries when walking and safety didn’t cross my mind, not once. The whole pushchair feels light to manoeuvre and fits into shops door ways and around aisles very easily. Walking around The Baby Show through the crowds, the whole pushchair performed with ease. I didn’t bump into anyone (I often feel like I need L-Plates for the first few outings with any new pram) and I could turn the system on the smooth carpeted arena one handed! Luckily for me… as I was also holding lots of shopping purchased for the new baby!

Quinny Moodd Wheels review

The brakes are very simple to use. Push down on the red tab to brake and on the opposite wheel just tap the grey tab to go… it is that simple. The brakes felt strong and couldn’t be knocked out of place accidently, which provided me with extra peace of mind, especially as I use public busses often.

There are lots of extra attractive accessories and features to the Quinny Moodd. The hood to the seat is thin and light, with no bulkiness and has added high (50+) UV sun protection. There is a small all in one rain cover. If you wish to add a car seat or carrycot onto the chassis there are adapters available that just click on and off in a matter of seconds. There is a foot rest for older children that can be pushed right back and under the buggy itself when being used for babies or smaller children. A Footmuff, buggy boards, parasols and cup holders are all easily available to purchase that go with the Quinny Moodd, all designed to suit your busy lifestyle with little ones.

The Quinny Moodd was put through its paces with our 3 small children. It continues to deliver pleasure, ease and happiness to us all. A well designed pushchair that is so very simple, well designed and made to a high quality.

Out of 5 points for each, I rate this model of pushchair the following:

Practicality: 4

Style: 5

Quality: 5

Comfort (for baby & me): 5

Overall: 5

Quinny Moodd 5 star review


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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