A Tiger Earns Her Stripes

Now that I am brewing our 3rd baby, I know all too well about the tale of stretch marks. The stretch marks that I have developed are what I would consider actually quite bad stretch marks. There are lots of them, very thick and some even split so deep. I gained most of them when I was pregnant with Willow, And I remember my first one so very clearly. It happened when I was 23 weeks pregnant and I was looking at my bump in the mirror, I noticed a little red line about 2 inches long down to my belly button, cutting right through my navel piercing. Soon, within a few more weeks they seemed to be everywhere- Backs of knees, my lower back, and even my bum! Luckily I avoided any on my boobs! Phew!

38+1, The day I was induced with Willow- 8/3/12
38+1, The day I was induced with Willow- 8/3/12

After Willow was born I felt quite low about my tummy and how it looked, I never have had a flat belly but it was most certainly now out of the question that I would be buying a bikini any time soon! Fast forwards some time and along came Olive. My stretch marks did not dramatically change between babies, but I did gain a few extra stripes as I grew bigger (much bigger than I ever was with Willow) and I popped out so rapidly my skin once again became itchy with the stretch marks. You see, stretch marks develop when our Collagen and fibres struggle to keep up with the rapid stretching and this results in the stretch marks. I thought I should give you some science there 😉

I stated to appreciate my tummy. I learnt that a tiger does have to earn  her stripes. These deep marks were a trophy of my babies, they told a story! They couldn’t have looked toooo bad as Jay didn’t seem to mind- but I still didn’t ever put that bikini back on.

2 days after Willow was born, I took this picture of my stretch marks
2 days after Willow was born, I took this picture of my stretch marks

I now once again find myself pregnant in the mid winter. At 28 weeks pregnant I find that my bump gets faced with the harsh cold! I am trying really hard this time round to prevent getting any more stretch marks and sore skin created by the cold! So along with moisturising my face (which is also ridiculously dry at this time of year), I also moisturise the bump too. Jay loves to join in with this routine, using this special time as a way to bond with his newest baby girl. Bepanthen are well known for their nappy rash cream, but the amazing folk from the team now bring us a silky soft stretch mark cream too.


Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream is just rubbed into the skin (anywhere that you are prone to stretch marks) twice daily to help the skin keep its elasticity. The cream is so soft and mess free to use, and is easily dispensed from the bottle leaving no drips anywhere.

Look! No mess!
Look! No mess!

The stretch mark cream rubs into the skin very easily, it doesn’t feel greasy on my skin and I am not left feeling sticky for an eternity, unlike some other moisturisers do. It has a really pleasant smell too, which is handy because as a pregnant lady with a nose like a blood hound I am so sensitive to strong smells. You also don’t need much cream to cover a large area of skin because the cream spreads and rubs in so well.

bump cream

The bottle also uses a unique ‘Bag-In-Bottle’ design, where the pump action creates a vacuum inside of the bottle squeezing the bag inside, meaning that every last drop of the product is used with no waste.

Bepanthen once again delivers another well made product to add to their list of well trusted family favourites. Bepanthen Stretch Mark cream can be found in Boots and Tesco for the RRP £24.99.


bepanthen cream

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Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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