The Perfect After-School Snack, With ChewyMoon

Now that the children are all back to school and parents across the country can once again enjoy a tidy home and a hot cup of coffee, we also have to remember how hungry the kids come home from school feeling. Busy brains make hungry tummies.

It seems that as soon as they come through the front door, I hear the words “I’m hungry”. I recently discovered a tasty, healthy and rather easy snack to keep them happy until dinner is served. Put away the crisps and close the fridge door, ChewyMoon have a tastier option.

What Is ChewyMoon?

I’ll be honest, as soon as I think of the brand ChewyMoon, my brain instantly sings the Button Moon theme. I just cannot stop the permanent 1980’s tune going round and around within my skull. Yeah, I am well aware that I have probably now got it stuck in your head too. #SorryNotSorry

ChewyMoon is a postal pack of 100% natural snacks, delivered straight to your door. Created by nutritionists and approved by kids, these boxes can be tailored just for your kids, ideal for those with allergies.

The boxes cost £3.99 (and 99p postage) and you can choose a package perfect for your family. Either have the box delivered once a week, or once every 2 weeks. Each box contains 5 smaller boxes, each containing a different snack.

Each box also comes with a fun activity pack for the kids to look at and do. Each box contains 2 collectable Battle Cards, a little comic strip, a pop-out-and-make animal totem toy (these are also collectable and they stack too) and a brain-bustin’ fact card. My 5yo really enjoyed reading the fact sheet, and has saved her battle cards (in her book bag to show off at school). My younger 2 loved the packaging and found all of the images hilarious… toooo hilarious.

How To Personalise Your Box

When ordering a box, simply choose from a fruit, savoury or variety box and then personalise your snack box- perfect for fussy eaters or those with allergies. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time too, so no need to worry about taking out a lengthy contract.

All snacks arrive in perfect portion sizes too, so you can just open-and-go! The portions were a great size, and the variety within the box was great. Sweet dried fruits, flapjack, and a savoury pack- containing popped cheese and pizza balls! All great fun and really moreish. I did struggle to not eat them all from the kids.

After school, Ivy is always snackish!

Admittedly with 3 kids all coming home from school or nursery, our box lasted just 2 days- and that was with myself being strict, to stop them eating all of the packs in one go! I would have like to see an option to order a bigger box, that would last a little longer with 3 hungry children.

Try For Yourselves

You can try ChewyMoon for FREE (just pay the 99p postage), and see if ChewyMoon are just as tasty for your family as the box was for mine. Just follow this link, to order your own ChewyMoon Box.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. This is my first time when I have heard about this snack–ChewyMoon. My kid is snackish and would love to try this one.

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