H- Cussons Mum & Me, Hand Gel Review

Todays letter is H- Hand Gel

The wonderful guys at Cussons have sent me a bottle of their new Cleanse And Protect Hand Gel from the new Mum & Me range.

Now, I am very experienced with hand sanitizers due to working in health care for a good few years. I am almost a ‘Hand Sanitizer Expert’ so to speak.

I always have a bottle of hand sanitizer attached to my hand bag. I even have a cool little clip that attaches the bottle to my bag so that it is never lost! (Hand gel nerd alert!!) So, I know what I am looking for when it comes to a good hand gel.

I have used expensive brands and cheap brands in the past. They all do the same essential thing, kill germs. Some smell nice, and some smell like an explosion at the Vodka factory. Some sting when they find a teeny weeny cut in your hand and some treat your skin with care. See, I told you I was an expert ūüôā

The new Cussons, Mum & Me Hand Gel is lovely. It has that classic alcohol smell when first put onto your hands but after a second or two, when rubbed in, it has a delightful smell. A very clean, slight perfumed scent. Just like a classic hand cream would, but you have the added bonus that you know it has killed 99.9% of bacteria. It rubs into your skin and dries very quickly, which is great when you need your hands clean and fresh quickly.

Many hand gels can leave your skin feeling very dry after use, but the Cussons Cleanse And Protect Hand Gel does not dry out your hands at all and will leave your hands still feeling soft and moisturised, even after frequent use.

The hand gel come in a nice small bottle, that fits perfectly into any hand bag, or changing bag. It is great to ensure that you do not spread germs when feeding your small one, having just changed a nappy, or even just when out and about.

All in all, this is a lovely hand cleanser that leaves your skin smelling lovely and sweet and your hands still feeling soft. Deffo an essential for any new mum. A product that will remain in my hand bag for some time.



G- Gifts

Today’s letter is G… Gifts ( as suggested by my good friend Judith)

In all honesty, We have not had to buy a lot for Willow.

“What! A new baby and you brought nothing!?” I hear you say.

The thing is you learn who your true friends are when you get pregnant. You learn that some people are kind and think of you often. Most of Willow’s stuff is second hand, And that is a fantatsic thing. It means we saved hell of a lot of money (what is this magical money…. it must be a mythical thing, because we never seem to have any!). I dont really think you need to spend a lot of money on babies these days. They grow out of their clothes and toys so quickly it really is not worth spending hundreds on something she will only wear once or twice. Thats my view any ways. I am not saying you should not spend ¬†money on your babies, but I learnt that I didn’t have to spend a lot to keep her looking nice and being happy.

Just some of the amazing gifts we have recieved have been beautiful clothes, teddies, bedding, toys (Sophie giraffe is our fave!), even a like-new Bumbo, high chair, moses basket and cot! All donated from friends.

We must have been given hundreds of pounds worth of stuff. My mum lives up in Scotland, and has moved many many times (like me!!) and each time she has moved she has taken sacks of stuff, that all of us 4 kids have used and loved. This very day, that I type, Willow has on her cot a bed sheet that I once was laid on when I was a new born baby. She has scratch-mits, that I wore and even has a little wind up Radio toy that I played with. It’s amazing that even after 22 years these things are still loved and cherished. I hope they can be used on any brothers or sisters that Willow might gain in the future.

So I would just like to take this¬†opportunity¬†to thank all my kind friends and family that have given gifts to us. The gifts have been much loved, and we too shall pass them on to others when they need it. Frugal living at it’s finest? Or is it just the love of best friends?

Have you ever been given something for baby that you really cherished? Or have you given to a friend with a small one on the way?

Here is Willow with some of the gifts she has been given…