Where I Spent My Childhood

Unfortunately I was too busy being surprised and partying to do the #SnapHappyBritMums photo challenge, so I am doing yesterday’s today instead.
Where I spent My childhood was the theme for the day.

Here is Willow watching a Rainbow video.
Its crazy to see my own daughter sat on the very foot stall that i spent many hours on at nan and grandads house, watching my own videos.
Its also crazy to know that a child born in 2012 is enjoying a video made in 1989…. The year that I was born!
TV classics that really do pass the test of time. I wonder if Rod, Jane and Freddie know that they are still entertaining children 24 years on?


The Surprise Baby Shower!

So today I had planned…. Sod all! Carboot in the morning (which I had no choice in), reading my book (probably topless) in the sunshine in my garden and not much else!
None of this happened.
This is why…..

I had a surprise baby shower party!!!!

I woke up getting a few more pains, and I planned not to stray too far from home, but my friend and her mum insisted that we was going to go carbooting…. This failed straight away when we soon realised no carboots were actually on! Then Willow threw up in the car so back home we went.
When home, my friend and her mum then popped to the shops. While they were gone I was chillaxing on the sofa…. Suddenly my house was full of voices shouting ‘SURPRISE!!’….
Well, apparently all of my mates (inc Jay) had been planning this baby shower for ages, I was meant to be out of the house so they could get things ready! After a brief explanation I hid upstairs while they got ready decorating the house.

I came down stairs to find my living room decorated with beautiful baby shower decorations, wonderful custom made cupcakes, bags of pressies and lots of snacks and drinks. I was absolutely gobsmacked…. And a little angry at my self for failing to even get a little bit suspicious of my friends and husbands’ behaviour over the last few days (weeks and months!).

We ate cake, had a laugh and I even cried a lot, when close friends/housemates/drinking buddies that I never get to see turned up!
We spent the afternoon in the garden enjoying the (possibly) only day of sunshine, watching the kids play in the paddling pool (a couple climbed in fully dressed) and having fun!
I am truly blessed by the amazing friends I have! They are actually stars! ‘Best friend stars’, is what I shall now call them 🙂

I am so glad I got all of my house work (or call it ‘nesting’) out of my system yesterday.
So thank you ladies, gents and kids for the amazing presents, food, decorations and general friendship. I love you all.