K- Kicks… Count The Kicks

Todays letter in my A-Z challenge is K for Kicks.

I am going to write a little about the charity Count The Kicks. I came across Count The Kicks when I was pregnant after I felt my fetal movements drop. I called the hospital and they advised that I drink a glass of ice cold water, to try and perk her up a bit. Unfortunately this did not work. We got to the hospital (very quickly) and was monitored. It turned out that Willow was just having a lazy day, and as soon as we got to the hospital and I was attached to the monitor, right on cue she started kicking about. making me look a fool. BUT we really must take note of the kicks we feel from our little ones every day that they are in our tummies. Unfortunately, many mothers do not count the kicks and have lost their babies through either still birth or neonatal death. A horrible subjects all mothers hate to think about.

“Any changes in fetal movements should be reported to a midwife or healthcare professional for further assessment”


You should take note of your baby’s movements and try to get a good idea of their movement patterns, feeling them at least 10 times a day. Hiccups though DO NOT count as movements. So don’t count these.

Count The Kicks, have lots of things to help you count your baby’s kicks. You can go here and order your FREE sticker for your antenatal notes. Or, for just £3.50 you get get yourself one of these-

count the kicks bracelet

A rubber bracelet, with a counter on. Just slide the counter along the numbers each time you feel baby move. Such a nice easy way of counting those precious kicks when you are out and about.

The online shop has a lot of lovely things to buy (and very cheap too), from bibs to badges, Christmas cards to calendars. Christmas is coming up *hint hint*.

Remember mummy’s, COUNT THE KICKS!!! 🙂



J- Jaundice

In my A-Z challenge, today is the letter J…. jaundice.

When Willow was born, she suffered quite bad jaundice. As an evil parent, I couldn’t help but laugh at her…. she looked like the Telletubbies sun. Yellow and Awful. *Bits lip and tries not to laugh*

Jaundice is quite common in newborns and often emerges at about day 3 of life. Jaundice is caused because all babies are born with immature livers, and as something fancy (im not a doctor so I wont expain) happens and the liver struggles, causing the Jaundice.

Most jaundice usually fades after the first week, and your Midwife will keep a close eye so don’t worry.

Baby may be very sleepy, so try to feed them little and often. You may have to wake them for a feed. If baby’s jaundice is very bad they may have to go to the hospital for light treatment, also known as phototherapy- Willow has phototherapy most weekends, when we visit the grandparents, because they take loads of photos!! All jokes aside, this is where baby is stipped naked, have their eyes covered and lays under an ultraviolet light. This means regular trips to the hospital (most days) and is very time and energy consuming!

If your baby is born jaundiced the best way you can help them is to put them in some sunlight. Obviously not in bright, hot sunshine as your baby could get sunburn and it may hurt their eyes, But in nice gentle sunlight, such as in the shade. If it is a warm day, strip her down to her nappy. But make sure she does not get cold. This is what we had to do with Willow when she was first born. Our first full day home was beautiful sunlight, and I remember being sat on the door step with my tiny newborn baby, soaking up the sun. It did  us both good.

Another great tip is, put your baby’s Moses basket in the window, so the sunlight shines through onto your baby, but same applies as above, make sure the sun doesn’t hurt her eyes in the bright sunlight though.

Did your little one have jaundice? Did they have to have phototherapy?

Here is Willow at a few days old, looking rather yellow!