Willow Turns 1!

So, on March 9th my little baby turned a whole year old.

Where has the time gone?  You always hear parents saying that sentence. And until you have a baby yourself, and they turn an actual age, rather than a number of months, you too find yourself saying it.

365 days previous I had a floppy, helpless newborn baby placed onto my chest. I now have a loud, smelly toddler. But Christ, I do love her. Sometimes.

The night before her birthday (Friday) I had to get Jay to lay her down to bed. I found myself standing over her cot holding her hand, crying. It felt silly to feel so emotional in all honesty, but I couldn’t help it. So much had happened in a year, but it had all gone so quickly! Where had my tiny baby gone? I suddenly realized that I will never get those precious first moments back ever again, and this frightened me.

Saturday morning soon came around and it was party day! We gave Willow her presents from us first thing in the morning- 2 inflatable animals (1 pig and 1 purple cow) that are used like space hoppers, and farm yard play mat, a goat for her small holding (plastic of course) a tambourine and a colouring book because Willow is obsessed with colouring in at the moment.

Guests arrived for the party at 12.00pm thick and fast. I was a little worried in the morning that no one would turn up and none of the food would be eaten. Turns out I was wrong. Very, very wrong. The house was packed. We are fortunate to live in quite a good sized town house, but even the house seemed far too small for how many people turned up. The toy room was put to the test with kids scattering toys every where… carnage!!! All of the food was eaten up and there was hardly any waste. Everyone was happy (OK I got a little stressed at times but I was feeling great!).

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who came to make Willows day special, thanks for all the pressies and wonderful cards. It really does mean a lot to know that we have great friends like you guys!

Willow was spoilt rotten with cards and presents everywhere. She had all her little friends here playing happily and she acted ‘super-human’ and refused any kind of sleep!

I on the other hand, feel like I am still recovering…. I just can’t party like I used to.

willow presents1st birthday caterpillar cake

pig and cow space hoppers

Anchor Butter Advert 2013

I saw this advert for Anchor butter a few weeks ago, and I tried to find it as soon as I saw it, but had no joy. I just saw the advert again, went hunting after watching it and I found it this time! I want to share it with you because its such a lovely heart warming advert. My favorite part is ‘the wake for a very old cat!’

Is your Kitchen like this in any way?

I know my old Kitchen in the house that I grew up in was!