The Day The Farm Came To Town

We are very lucky that the town we live in has lots to offer for the kids to do (even though lots of people still moan that there is nothing to do lol).
Flitwick Rufus Centre had arranged for Ark Farm to come and visit for the day. The day started with a big group picnic with lots of activities scattered about the grounds for the older kids, despite the overly friendly wasps the picnic was lovely and everyone enjoyed chatting and watching the kids play. Here is Willow tucking in to her grub!

We then headed over to the next field where Ark Farm had set up lots to see. There was a pen holding pygmy goats, a kune kune pig, geese, chickens, ducks, sheep, a dexter cow and even the friendly farm dog (a beautiful black labrador). There was a set of hay bales for the kids (and some very eager adults) to sit on andhold guinea pigs and look at some quails, and there was also a story/rhyme area with puppets and masks….



… After a fab few hours, it was time for the tired animals (and some equally tired children) to go home. Willow just HAD to wave goodbye to EVERY animal as they were loaded up in to the trailer.

Ooooh, and the best thing we saw all day? This…….


Buddha In The Attic

This months BritMums Book Club read was Buddha In The Attic by Julie Otsuka.
The book is a wonderful quick read at just 129 pages, and even with its small number of pages it manages to deliver a huge story that really gets your mind thinking and your heart feeling so many different emotions.
The book follows a group of Japanese women travelling to America to become brides for men that they have never met, but clutch dear photographs and letters from these new husbands-to-be. Its period frame is set between the first and second world wars.
The story does not really follow a select few characters like most books, but the author writes for all the women as one (They, We, Some Of Us). One page manages to magically include all the women in short snapshots, that creates a strong set of images to make all the women seem as one, despite all the different sorts of lives these women now lead. It is written unlike any book I have ever read… In a wonderful way!
Before reading this book I knew absolutely nothing of these real life japanese women living as aliens in America, but since reading the book Julie has managed to teach me how these women existed, the lives they led, the different types of husband that they married, their children and even the way they left their towns as the war affected their communities, husbands and children.
The story was beautifully written but totally heartbreaking, and at times brought me close to tears.
An amazing read, that even long after finishing it I still manage to think of it and its women often.
A small book that has left a huge impact on me.