Cats V Dogs: Who Will Win?!

Cat V Dog? Will we ever have a true answer? Probably not. I own 1 dog and 3 cats. Cats outnumber dogs in our home, but who realllly is my favourite? It’s a close call.

This is just a short list of why dogs are way better than cats, and a few reasons why cats are better than dogs (Just because I am so indecisive).  Yeah ok, cats are cute but is a dog a far more superior pet? It’s never going to be an easy choice, is it?

Just for the record, if your family doesn’t have at least one of these pets then you are seriously missing out!  Children and mums need a best friend so consider your options. (Buy a dog, I mean cat, I mean dog…)

Ding! Ding!

1: A dog is known as man’s best friend for a reason.  They have a connection to us like no other animal.  They can communicate through expression and understand our emotions.  They feel with us.  Unlike cats.  Cats are the opposite.  They are disdainful and independent, unless they want something.  Then they love you.  If you don’t give them what they want? They will find someone else to love. Cats just f**k off for a few days, act like nothings wrong and love you to death (for food). Poopy Cat Blocks review

  1. Dogs are natural protectors and will want to keep their family safe.  Unlike a cat, who will happily be protected, but doesn’t really care what is happening to you.  You are just a handy feeder.  Although you aren’t the only one. I’ve seen them flirting with the neighbour, praying for food.
  2. Dogs very rarely do horrible things.  Ok so they might do that strange thing with their bums, but even when they fart they look instantly full of remorse.  You cat will happily cough up a hairball on your dining table and then look at you whilst it cleans its behind.
  3. Cats don’t care if you buy them a new bed.  In fact they will go out of their way not to use it.  Whereas you hounds go wild for personalised dog beds and will show you how happy they are by rolling over and wagging their tails whilst IN their bed.  Happy dogs. See that nice pile of clean, ironed and folded laundry… yeah, Cat wants that bed. That’s the best bed. They don’t care if you’re covered in hair for the important office meeting in the morning.
  4. A dog will love you every single day.  A cat will love you when it is hungry.  That is it. There’s a definite food/love theme here.
  5. Ever seen the dog videos of soldiers coming home from war and being greeted in the most awesome way?  Ever seen a cat video like that? No.  Because a cat will look at you and say “Oh, did you even go away? I didn’t notice” then saunter off.  Probably towards the kitchen.
  6. A dog thinks it’s Christmas every time you feed him something.  It doesn’t even matter if it is a corner of your sandwich.  You will be his best friend in the whole world forever. scrapper2
  7.  Your children need a loyal friend and with a dog, they will have just that.  You need one too, especially if you are a stay at home mum.  Finally someone will be there to witness the 10 million things you do in the day! Cats just walk all over the kitchen surface that I anti-bac’d 10 minutes ago.
  8. Dogs have a huge range of interests and games.  But one of those isn’t dragging in the dead body of their latest victim and then putting it in the exact place you lay your foot first thing in the morning.  You think a cat doesn’t plan that stuff?  You’re wrong.

Cat v Dog? Whos better? DOG. There.  Conclusive.  Get a dog and your whole life will be much better.  

I feel kinda guilty for saying that….

COMPETITION: Win A Star with Star Name Registry

I have a superb and unique competition for you all today, and I’m really excited!! are offering you the chance to win your very own star, personalised to exactly your wishes. This one off, official and unique prize is not to be missed.

Our Stars


At Christmas my Father-In-Law got the girls a star each as their Christmas gift. I cried and cried and cried. This was such a beautiful idea and something that was a completely new gift idea for me. The girls are still little, but Willow understood exactly what it meant; Grandad had bought her a star for Christmas. Her very own star, that was hers forever. My 3 daughters all have their very own special place in the most beautiful thing known to man… the sky.

I had a superb idea that I would like to name a star after my husband, as an extra special gift for him. But then I realised that I felt left out as every member of the family would have their own star… except for me :'( So, I had a better idea (and a slightly selfish one!) I would name a star to celebrate the marriage of Jay and myself. Now, that was cool!


I couldn’t wait until our wedding anniversary which is all the way in December to present the gift to him (also I had this competition to host!) so when the post-man arrived with a parcel last Saturday, I knew exactly what it was in the package and I let him open it. This time it was his turn to cry!

I ordered the Extra Bright Star package, Which comes in a gorgeous presentation box with lovely wooden roses and leaflets that explain exactly what our star is, where it is and what it all means. The gift was beautiful and absolutely perfect. The official certificate also arrives in a lovely silver frame too, which makes it ready to display. We went out and purchased some silver frames for our other certificates so that they all matched and would look amazing hung together on the landing wall.

My personal message: You are what happened, when I wished upon a star.

About Star Name Registry

Star-Name-Registry is an easy to use website where you can name a star visible in the UK for someone special. Naming a star is as easy as filling in a short form and then waiting for your pack in the post. When you purchase a star, you star will be logged into the official star name registry record. No star will ever be named twice and you can rest assured that the star is unique to you.

Naming a star is easy. You simply choose what package you would like to buy, what your choice of name shall be for the star, a memorable date, which constellation you would like your star to be in and a personalised message. Filling out the form took a few minutes (I had a browse through the constellations and their meanings for a while) and double checked my spelling!

All star packs are sent out same day via first class delivery, by Royal Mail for FREE if placed before 2:45pm. Expect 1-3 working days for stars to arrive. You can choose guaranteed next day delivery too, but there is an extra charge for this.

A standard star package costs just £14.99 for entry into the star registry, an A4 certificate of authentication, sky atlas star maps and a confirmation letter. My Extra Bright Star package above costs £44.99 and includes registry, framed A4 certificate, silver presentation box, blue tissue paper, confirmation letter, Star maps atlas, your extra bright star gift explained.

There are 6 different packages to choose from so there really is a perfect gift for everyone to suit all budgets.


Star-name-registry have given me the chance to treat my readers to a very special prize. You could win your very own star, logged on the star registry, an A4 certificate and constellation map. You can choose to name your star after whoever you like (or name it whatever you like!) and would make the perfect birthday, anniversary or even a memorial gift for someone special.

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*The Extra Bright Star package was send to me as a gift, in exchange for this post*