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Owl Babies Scrap Art


owl babies activity for toddlersMy 2 year old came home from nursery with Owl Babies by Martin Waddell & Patrick Benson
this week. It was her first full session and she proudly showed me this wonderful book when I met her out of class. Owl Babies isn’t a new book to us and is actually a family favourite in nannys house. I decided that this week we should therefore make Owls our subject of learning. We started by reading Owl Babies and discussing the book (how many owls there are, what food was mummy owl out collecting, and various other little easy facts for owls.)

Owl Babies was first published in 1992, and has definitely earned it’s place on what I can only imagine to be every childs book-shelf ever since.

By the end of the book Willow wanted to make her own Owl picture. I suggested that it could be fun to use the front cover as inspiration and using old paper scraps (and even some cotton wool) we could make a collage picture.

I think that it is fair to say that baby Sarah, Bill and Percy are the cutest and fluffiest little owls around!

scrap paper art

Owl Babies activity
Anything that involves glue stick is a win for toddlers!


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