Nuby Teething Necklace Review

Teething babies can be a real pain. It feels quite mean to say that, considering the discomfort and pain that a baby experiences when pushing through those sharp, shiny white teeth through. Many mums who have experienced the teething baby stage will know all too well how that slobbering baby will happily grab at anything and put to their mouths for some relief. And cry… they can cry a lot.

I’ve had t-shirts soaked with slobber, my hair chewed and necklaces gnawed on… and not child-safe necklaces either!  My husband treated me to a beautiful teething necklace when my youngest daughter was a few months old, and it was very well loved. So loved in fact, that for baby number 4 it only seemed right to get a nice new one. Ivy used to sit on my hip, on my lap or when worn in a sling and chew on the special necklace for relief. It worked a treat, so there was no second thought when deciding to find a new necklace.

The All New Nuby Teething Necklaces

You may have heard of the brand Nuby for their well loved range of soothers, toys and bottles. They have recently also launched a fabulous range of beautiful and practical teething necklaces.

With over 40 years’ experience in creating baby accessories, Nuby empower and encourage parents to do things their own way and are committed to making the lives of parents and babies more fun. The new Nuby teething necklaces certainly tick all of those boxes.

There are 2 stylish necklaces to choose from. I have a simple but gorgeous black and white necklace with pendant. I chose the black and white necklace because I know that it will go with any outfit. The necklace is also gender neutral and would suit either a boy or a girl (baby- but I’m not going to exclude the dads wearing this item either!). There is also available a gorgeous blue and white necklace, which features a pretty white flower pendant, hung amongst blue beads.

The necklace loop is long enough to just put over your head, but there is also a safety catch on the necklace. The simple 2-part clip just pops together and pulls apart. The necklace is quite long and sits on my sternum, but babies are small and when sitting on our lap the necklace is the perfect length.

You won’t need to worry about the beads flying off and becoming a chocking hazard. Each bead is individually knotted onto the necklace, and the cord used is super strong and durable, making the necklace perfect for tugging and teething!

A necklace for breastfeeding

A teething necklace can also be a fantastic breastfeeding aid. I have been lucky enough to breastfeed all 3 of my daughters and baby number 4 will also be breastfed. I know all too well how fiddly babies from a few months old can be during nursing sessions. Willow used to slap my boobs (it aids with let-down and does have a purpose), Olive used to pinch my skin or wave her arm around in the air and Ivy used to participate in the Olympic Gym-nurse-tics by changing her whole body position frequently throughout a feed.

Having a soft and safe necklace for baby to fiddle with during feeds can be a huge help. Baby will feel comforted and focused fiddling with the necklace. Some babies can become distracted during feeding times, and often whip their heads around to have a look at what is going on around them, especially when out in a busy shopping centre or café… there is just so much to look at! I find that a fiddle necklace is the perfect distraction for baby to keep feeds efficient and niplash free (Niplash; Like whiplash but of the nipple.)


Currently the beautiful flower teething necklace is ON SALE on the Nuby website at £6.49. usual price £12.99, and can be found here.

My black and white necklace, is also available in the sale for a fab £4.99, down from the usual price of £9.99.

I also reviewed the fab Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breastpump, and found the pump to be excellent quality an value for money. You can read my thoughts about the pump here.


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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