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The Newhouse 2016 Highlights: soil, money and health

What a year! Did you have a good one? Today is my birthday and so far it’s been quiet, nothing like the previous 364 days before. There’s been challenges, deaths, new homes, weddings, babies and big decisions made. Well 2016, I wont say you were the best year we have had, but you weren’t the worst.

Lets take a look at my most popular blog posts from this year. I think there is something for everyone. Some of these blog posts invited the trolls and one even got me threatened with legal action, but overall I had many, many praises for what I wrote about and some people even told me that little-old-me changed their daily lives. Thanks guys. Thank you for sticking with me for another year. That’s 5 years nearly now. That’s amazing!

Our Top Blog Posts From 2016

  1. TheNewhouseFamily made a bold statement and told everyone that they could have a child for free. Not many people believed me.
  2. I asked ladies to question what is inside of their tampons and why switching to a reusable product could make a huge difference to their health. Tampons Vs Mooncups quickly became my most popular video on YouTube (When I say popular, that really is a stretch. I don’t think I even have a single subscriber, haha). My 20 minute long video talks in depth about Tampons vs Mooncups and I recommend that you give it a watch (and share, because knowledge is important when it comes to health!) I was inspired to make the video because in 2015 I wrote a piece called Is Your Period Poisoning You?
  3. One of my very popular blog posts in 2016 was my declaration to How I Feed My Family For £10 A Week. I had many emails from people asking me if it was true, was it really accomplishable, and then return emails saying that they did it!
  4. As we prepared to move to our new home, I took on the challenge of halving what we owned. It was super hard, but we did it (I think).
  5. I then told the world about My Minimalist Wardrobe, and explain why folk only see me wearing the same outfit. It works for me, although I did buy a jumper yesterday from the charity shop. LOL.
  6. My declaration of hatred for the way schools were now using technology and apps in the classroom. I published the article on the Huffington Post and it got a bit crazy for a week or 2. The Death Of Pen And Paper In The Classroom.
  7. I helped parents find 10 Easy Vegetables That Any Kid To Grow At Home. Getting kids gardening and exploring the outside world (away from iPads and video games) is a huge passion of mine. Growing your own is fun, educational and can be very, very easy! Even if you don’t have a garden.
  8. We then went public with our bathroom habits and told everyone that We Haven’t Bought Toilet Paper For A Year. It’s very nearly been 2 years for us now though. Still going (soft and) strong… See what I did there?
  9. Asda saw the Wonky Veg box hit shelves, I was then interviewed for a major magazine telling everyone how I fed my family with it for a week. I then went against my words and told everyone why We Should Scrap The Wonky Veg Boxes. I figured they were a bad idea after all, kind of.
  10. I shared (via my Mother-in-law) a very old family heirloom recipe. Aunt Ruby’s Pudding warmed our bellies and our hearts this winter period. Super easy to make, and very flexible with the ingredients.
  11. I asked my readers if they really could live without disposable items. Eliminate chemicals, save the planet, spend less money. It’s doable, but how easy is it?

reusable baby wipesWhatever your plans are for the new year, TheNewhouseFamily wish you every success, happiness and health. See you all next year!!!

Hazel, TheNewhouseFamily xx

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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