Nearing The 3rd Trimester… already!

In a couple of days I’ll be 25 weeks pregnant. 15 weeks left. 109 days to go. 3 weeks away from the 3rd Trimester. It’s going bloody quickly. I hate it. This is meant to be our last baby and I enjoy pregnancy so much. I’ve wanted this whole final experience to slow down, so I can remember more of it, cherish it and actually appreciate it. Instead I find myself running around after 3 kids, school runs, errands and appointments. I blinked and it’s gone. Well, two thirds of it anyways. It’s not fair.

Braxton hicks have been a daily occurrence since around 15 weeks. The more babies you have, the earlier your BH’s start. These practice contractions are definitely much stronger this time over my previous pregnancies. My whole bump goes tight and lifts slightly, I also feel a pressure down below. Eugh. A few times they have completely caught me off guard and taken my breath away. I suppose my uterus has had to endure 4 pregnancies in 5 years and is pretty well trained in the whole contractions thing.

My emotional state has steadied somewhat. During the last 8 weeks I have really battled with my head. I feared that my depression was making a return, but I managed to work through it. I cut some losses, changed some ways and decided to look after number 1… for once! I made sure that I put myself first. I stopped acting as Dr Newhouse- Therapist and Consultant, closed the front doors to Hotel D’Newhouse and the party organiser was suspended without pay. Instead my Netflix lists were updated, nesting kicked in and I created better family time. It worked and in no way do I feel guilty!

Our newest baby, due in September, was who Ewan was originally bought for!

We purchased our last few essential buys and visited The Baby Show. My last show as an expectant mum. We treated ourselves to a few bits for baby, and enjoyed a day out as a couple of soon-to-be parents. It was almost a date! The only item we have left on our list to buy is a birth pool for our home birth- but more about that another time! One thing that seems to be shocking a few people is that I’m not buying a pram this time round. I mostly baby wear and I also have a lock-up full of vintage prams ready for use again! I can’t wait to start polishing the chrome once again and dressing baby in those gorgeous vintage clothes that I adore so much.

My second born daughter in one of our prams

I plan on spending the next 15 weeks getting the house baby ready, finishing the decorating and flooring and letting that strong nesting instinct kick in. We are going on a family holiday in a couple of weeks time to the seaside for a week. A classic British caravaning holiday where we shall be enjoying chips by the seaside, visiting castles and moaning about The Great British Weather. I still have my birth plan to finalise and write up, and finish preparing a hospital bag should we have to transfer to the hospital during the birth, for any reason. I should probably get that done before we go on holiday and throw it into the boot of the car, just in case. MUST NOT FORGET NOTES!

Perfect! Now, all I need is for the next 15 weeks to SLOW THE F DOWN!

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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