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My Minimalist Wardrobe- why it works for me

My husband owns more clothes than I do. That’s not a hard achievement though to be honest. I don’t own many clothes and I like it that way. In all honesty, my husband doesn’t own that many clothes either. Our wardrobe would be what I can only describe as ‘minimalist’.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy fashion. I appreciate the art of pulling off a beautiful outfit. I also could very easy go into a clothes shop and spend a lot of money in one go. I love wearing beautiful dresses, and I’m a sucker for a nice pair of shoes. The reason why I don’t own many clothes is simple; I don’t go anywhere, I like my old favourites and I just don’t have the room to store them.

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“I don’t go anywhere.”

OK, that’s a lie. I go lots of places. Occasionally. I do the school run daily, I pop into town, I sometimes go to dinner with my husbands work. I go to Milton Keynes to see family. Damn, I really don’t go anywhere. 99.9% of my time is spent at home writing, doing housework, gardening, talking to chickens or baking. It just seems impractical to wear anything nice and risk it getting spoilt doing plain old jobs. And I spill a lot of coffee.

“I like my old favourites.”

I threw away a pair of jeans last week that I had worn day-in-day-out for the last 5 years. They had survived 3 pregnancies, gazillions of miles of walking and equally as many runs through the washing machine. The stretch had started to go in them and there was a bleach stain on the right shin. I was gutted to say goodbye. I even Pinterest’d ideas for what I could use them to make, until I reminded myself that I have enough craft projects on the go with no time for any more.

“I just don’t have the room to store them.”

My husband and I have one wardrobe between us. Its a vintage 1930’s double wardrobe (see above). Back then people didn’t own that many clothes at all, so it isn’t the most spacious of wardrobes. My husband has a big half and I have the smaller half. The wardrobe itself stands at 7ft tall, and 4.5 ft wide. It has an amazing top shelf, that should be used for shoes, but currently hoards the kids Xmas presents and a small percentage of our epic board games collection. Clothes still manage to spill out and pile up around the bedroom. We have a small bedroom, nestled at the front of our small 3 bed townhouse. Our bedroom is already full of kids toys, books and kids clothes (ready to iron and put away) so why on Earth would I ever expect to have room for my stuff?! How absurd.


I don’t see the point in owning so many clothes that they just go to waste. My nan used to say “You can only wear one outfit at once, there’s no point in owning loads of clothes.” This came from a woman who had 2 wardrobes full of beautiful outfits, from many different decades, all stored neatly. Almost preserved for admiration when the time came to just ‘have-a-look’ at the collection. I still cling on to a dress that she used to dance in. It’s scrunched up in a carrier bag on the wardrobe floor. I’m no where near as respectful to clothes as she were.

My husband bought me a dress last week for the Christmas work party that is coming up in the next few days. It’s pretty, but its multifunctional. Parties, weddings, funerals, 1940’s weekenders, that sort of thing.

The dresses which I do own are very beautiful dresses indeed. Some have been handmade just for me, some that have been given to me by friends or family, and some are rare vintage charity shop finds. One of the dresses was my husbands grandmothers. It’s black crushed velvet with black lace across the chest. Beautiful.

My husband's grandmother once owned the black velvet dress worn here.
My husband’s grandmother once owned the black velvet dress worn here.

I also own a suit. Just in case I have to go to court. I’ve avoided that one so far. Most of my clothes however, come from charity shops, or have been passed on to me from friends. I picked up a legit Stone Island ladies cardigan in our local charity shop for £1 earlier this year. ONE FLIPPING POUND. Anything I am done wearing, I offer to friends first, send them to the charity shops or cut them into rags to make other items from. I’m determined to knit a bath mat from fabric strips next year. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I think I’d rather own just a few outfits and love them to death, than own a lot that never get worn. Clothes have feelings and very get jealous over favouritism.

The rest of my wardrobe is made up of a couple of pairs of skinny jeans, band t-shirts with the sleeves cut off, jumpers with Evan Peter’s face on and a pair of long-johns. There’s a picture floating around on Facebook that sums me up perfectly….


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