Meet Herman

This is Herman. He is German. He is also delicious… Does not look like a Herman right? Or delicious. Not yet anyways.

I made Herman as a starter-Herman. Basic plain flour, Sugar and Milk, with some active yeast and water. The aim is to have him live on your kitchen work surface for 10 days, feeding him, and then you split him up, cook one part of him into a yummy cake and then give the other parts away to friends. You can find the whole start-up recipe here on the Herman the German dedicated website!

You see, Herman The German is a German Friendship Cake. He starts off in one kitchen and over time, finds his way into lots of kitchens! He’s so easy to start (and keep) and is so versatile with what he can be made into. I made my Herman into 2 different types of cake (just from one portion, there really was that much!) One with just plain old mixed fruit, and another was mixed fruit topped with sugar and butter. Baked and cut into fingers!  Yummy!

herman fruit cake

herman the german cake

The Herman Website has lots of recipe ideas too, so you don’t ever need to get bored with the same old cake! There are plain cakes, chocolate cakes, ginger cakes and even Christmas cakes- all to be made from Hermans! Oh and the cake is freezable too, so if you have no friends (Hahaha!) to give out your divided Hermans too, just make a load of cakes and freeze them!

basic herman cake

After 10 days of living in my kitchen I have divided him up, I kept one batch, baked another and sent 3 off to new homes- with instructions 🙂 the instructions can also found be found on the Herman Website here. There’s not much that you have to do other than stir daily and occasionally feed him (with just more flour,sugar and milk!) and that’s it!



I actually ended up with a spare Herman (yeah I don’t have that many friends either) so I cooked him up into some fairy cakes. 33 to be exact! Now all frozen in the freezer.

So, please go forth and multiply Herman! You wonderful German!



Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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