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As a regular blogger of many things pregnancy and baby related, I am honoured to team up as an ambassador with MAMA Academy, a registered charity working with parents-to-be and health care professionals to help babies arrive safely. Sadly many parents loose their babies during pregnancy, and Mama Academy are working very hard to reduce the number of babies lost as a miscarriage or still birth. They also aim to provide superb and up-to-date information about delayed cord clamping, breech position babies, infant loss and support for those affected and promoting healthy pregnancies… and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

MAMA Academy aim “to be the UK’s leading charity providing information to expectant mothers and their health care professionals, to promote positive pregnancies resulting in the safe delivery of healthy babies”. And if we all work together, we can do it!

Supporting parents-to-be and midwives (as well as other health care professionals) they will be working towards this mission statement by raising awareness of baby loss, and empowering all parents with vital information and education during pregnancy and making sure these parents know when to call their healthcare provider, not leaving anything too late! MAMA Academy shall also be supporting all healthcare professionals by keeping them up to date with all the latest research, practices and guidelines, so no important information is missed and consistent midwifery care is delivered to all mothers.

Worryingly, many expectant mums are told that baby’s movements slow down at the end of pregnancy, as baby runs out of room in the womb. This is a HUGE MISTAKE of information. A baby’s movements should never slow down, and you should ALWAYS report a change in movements from your baby’s usual pattern. Don’t wait until the next day, and don’t be embarrassed about contacting the midwives either, they will not think that you are being silly, but they will help reassure you and check that everything is ok and that your baby is happy.

Fetal movements is just one of the topics that MAMA Academy discuss and raise awareness of. You can also find a huge wealth of information on infections, Pre Eclampsia and pre-term labour. MAMA Academy have left no stone unturned. Dr Ranj (Cbeebies, and housewife fave) is supporting the charity and promoting the super Wellbeing Wallets. A MAMA Wellbeing Wallet is full of colourful, easy to understand key pregnancy information to support you right through your pregnancy. The wallet is just £2.00 including p&p. Available to order today from the online store,  I think these would make a lovely present to new expectant parents as a gift.



So please share this information about MAMA Academy and help raise awareness for  wellbeing. Send your expecting friends, your midwives and your doctors in the right direction, it may save a life.

I aim to work alongside of MAMA Academy helping to spread the word as an ambassador for the charity, keeping my readers up to date with any new helpful information, and spreading informative posts for the charity.

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Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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