MAM 6 in 1 Electric Steriliser and Express Bottle Warmer Review

We only have a few weeks now until our 4th baby arrives. Time has flown by and I am just starting to get the final bits for baby ready and testing out all of our new gadgets and toys. Today I decided to put our new MAM 6 in 1 Electric Steriliser and Express Bottle Warmer review out there! Exciting stuff 🙂

The inventors at MAM have created a really superb product that does 6 clever things in 1.

  • Electric steriliser
  • Microwave steriliser
  • Express bottle warming
  • Gentle bottle warming (for breastmilk)
  • defrost and Food warmer
  • Keep warm function

I am a minimalist (in training) and I like to keep things simple. When I was first shown the product, I felt nervous that it was all a little OTT. But the more I thought about it, the more I was impressed. Why buy multiple products when 1 can do all the jobs for you? It doesn’t take up much space and will last years- from the birth of your baby, well into weaning. Suddenly, I realised that having a cupboard full of various sterilisers and bottle warmers may not be the best idea, but 1 product alone seems far more sensible.

Whats In The Box?

  • 1x electric steriliser and 2 baskets for the items that need to be sterilised
  • 1x express warmer base unit
  • 2x 160ml Easy Start anti colic MAM bottles
  • 2x MAM soothers (0-2m)
  • Instructions
  • 1 set of tongs.
It looks a lot, but it does all sit compact… I promise!

My First Impressions

When I was unboxing the MAM steriliser, I was a little blown away over how many parts there were. I honestly started to feel a mild panic that I may need a PhD to set this thing up. It looked space age. I’ve already had 3 kids, I thought I was prepared for most things ‘parenthood’ but once I had laid out all of the contents, a hot flush descended upon me.

A quick flick through the instruction manual and it actually all made sense. Panic over! Seriously!

The whole system really is quite simple to use. Everything remains compact ready for use, whatever function you choose to use it for. You won’t need to find a place to store all of it’s parts because most of them just slot together easily for use and storage.

I admit, I’m not usually great with instructions. I tend to skim read them, fail to understand anything, guess and mess up. Then I ask my husband for help. But this time I got it… First time! AND I have really bad baby-brain at the moment too. The instructions made perfect sense and within minutes I felt confident using the product in front of me.

It looks like a spaceship landing pod.

Special Features

The MAM 6 in 1 electric steriliser and express bottle warmer has some rather clever features.

No need to get confused, it only has 2 buttons.

The steriliser will beep at you when it’s turned on, flash an LED when a programme is running and beep 3 times once the programme has finished. When using the electric steriliser, the unit will allow some time to cool down (you don’t want burnt fingers, do you?) and beep once it’s ready to be opened. We all like a handy ‘beep’!

The beep isn’t too loud, but I could still hear it when I was out of the room. I would have liked the beep to be a little louder, so I could hear it over my screaming/fighting/wailing toddlers but then again I wish my toddlers were quieter, so I’m not sure who (or what) is really at fault here.

The product is a compact design with the whole system fitting together nicely as one compact unit. It doesn’t take up a load of room on the kitchen side either. The steriliser (when all put together) measures 23cm high and 33cm wide. When the unit is used as just a bottle/food warmer, it is even smaller at just 15cm high and 21cm wide. These are my measurements, so all are approximates.

I really like that the system can be used as an electric steriliser or as a microwave steriliser. For families who travel a lot or visit relatives or friends often can easily just take the main compartment with them to use in friend’s microwaves when out and about.

I only put 2 bottles and 2 dummies in, but there’s lots of room still for around 5 bottles.

If you are a breastfeeding mum, such as myself, you may like to pump and store milk in the fridge or freezer. I often store milk for times when I am not around to feed my baby, or if my husband (or others) like to give baby a bottle. The system can also be used as a bottle warmer for these times with a gentle warming feature. Your milk can even be warmed straight from frozen! Milk can be defrosted in just 10 minutes, so no need to wait hours for milk to slowly defrost. Perfect for emergencies.

The system can keep bottles and food warm for up to 45 minutes. Many parents can tell you the frustration of preparing a bottle or food for their child only to find that their child has fallen asleep. This can mean that food is wasted because it cannot be reheated again. The MAM 6 in 1 steriliser will keep their milk or food at the perfect temperature for 45 minutes until your baby is ready for their grub!

After 45 minutes the system will automatically turn itself off. I really liked this handy feature. I have been known to leave the house leaving appliances on, which is a major worry and causes some safety issues! Because the steriliser turns off automatically after 45 minutes, this makes one less appliance in my home that I need to worry about after my baby brain has let me down once more.

Electric Sterilising

This is a super simple process. Just fill the base unit with 200ml of water (into the metal part), pop the steriliser on top, turn it on and press the start button. The machine will very quickly start to boil the water and fill the unit full of steam. It is the steam that sterilises the items inside.

It takes 7 minutes for the unit to sterilise. The unit then allows the items inside 4 minutes to cool. Each stage of sterilising and cooling is indicted by the light up LEDs on the machine. The bottles inside are very hot so be careful (and allow the items to cool a little before handling). The steriliser does come with handy tongs, useful if you wish to keep your fingertips from being burnt off from the hot water!

The machine does make some noise, but only the gentle sound of boiling water can be heard. The unit is in no way noisy or ‘clunky’, unlike other sterilisers that I have heard in the past.

Microwave Sterilising

Microwave sterilising is very easy. Simply fill the main steriliser as above with your items. Instead of putting onto the electric base, close the blue valve, add 200ml of water and replace the lid. Pop into the microwave, on high, for between 5-11 minutes (depending on the wattage of your microwave). Allow 3 minutes to cool.

Bottle and Food Warming

To heat bottles, defrost milk or to heat food the top steriliser is removed from the base unit. A small plastic ‘basket’ is added on top on the electric unit, this holds your bottle or jar of food. Water is added to the base and steam is created (it’s the steam that heats the milk and food).

The instructions come with a handy chart to show how much water must be added to the unit for efficient warming.The amount of water you add depends on bottle size and whether the milk/food is room temperature, chilled or frozen. I recommend cutting out this little chart and sticking it somewhere in your kitchen for easy reference.

Be aware that when warming/defrosting, steam does rise from the unit. This is hot! I think it would be best to not have the unit under any cupboards that could be damaged by lots of steam. Top tip- think ‘kettle’!

MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottles

MAM bottles are a revelation. They are completely unique to any other bottles on the UK market.  The 2 bottles that come with the MAM 6 in 1 steriliser hold 160ml of milk and are suitable to use from birth and includes a slow flow teat. Due to its clever design, the bottles can reduce the risk of your baby developing colic by 80%. This is due to it’s super smart base ventilation, allowing better air flow, and less air being swallowed by baby.

There are lots of ‘bits’ that make up a MAM bottle, but it all works perfectly.

Because the bottles completely come apart, they are so easy to wash. There are no tricky or hard to reach places, where milk residue could be left behind to go mouldy. The bottles are not fiddly to put back together and are made up within seconds. Even though there are a few extra ‘bits’ to the bottles, I think it is very worthwhile for the sake of cleaning and sterilising. You know that your bottles are spick and span, with no nasties hiding in any creases.

These bottles are also self sterilising! No need to use a steriliser when out and about, or if you’re the owner of a tiny microwave. The bottles sterilise in just 3 easy steps. After you have washed and dried your bottles after use, just add 20ml of cold water (the bottle lid is a handy measuring cup) to the bottom of your bottle, put the bottle teat at the bottom of the bottle sat on the base, rest the cap back on top of the bottle and put into your microwave for 3 minutes (for just 1 bottle). See below for photo help…

Use the lid to measure 20 ml…
Pour the water into the bottom of the bottle…
Put the teat in the bottom and then screw on the body of the bottle…
Rest the bottle lid on top (gently push down) and microwave for 3 minutes. All done!

Where To Buy

The MAM 6 in 1 Electric Steriliser and Express Bottle Warmer is available from the MAM Website  and costs £90. The steriliser is also available to buy in store and online from Toys R Us, John Lewis and Boots (other stockists also available).


*This MAM Steriliser was gifted to us in exchange for an honest review of the product*

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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