Bit of a different post from me today. I never write about clothing or fashion. Since originally writing this post, I have only been wearing nasty leggings because we are painting the house, and ripping up flooring. Only ‘eugh’ clothes allowed for jobs like that! Now I am ready to publish this post, It’s reminded me that I DO have nice clothes in my wardrobe.

My wardrobe is mainly made up of blacks and greys. I live in jeans (black) and jumpers (black). I do like to wear funky coloured socks though. I suppose I like to stick to what I know. And I’m secretly a massive grunger.

I love winter. Everything looks so pretty. The frost displays it’s glittery gorgeousness and when snow finally does arrive I cannot resist pulling on my Wellington boots and going outside to play. My birthday is 5 days after Christmas, and I love baking warming winter puddings. So yeah, It’s a pretty awesome time of year for me. I do feel the cold though and I seem to feel it worse than other’s because of my KTW syndrome. My circulation is dodgy, so I go black and purple when I’m cold. That pretty much sums it up. Winter is awesome, feeling cold is not.

Feel warm and look awesome on a budget

I recently packed away all of our summer clothes. Organised, labelled and stored into nice stacking boxes. T-shirts, vest tops, skirts and my favourite Birkenstocks were all packed away for hibernation. The winter warmers were bought out of their summer slumber and put back into action. Trouble was, I have lost 3 stone since last winter. Nothing fits!! I needed to go shopping…

On Halloween we went out for dinner. It was a crisp, cold day. Everything felt damp and there was a heavy fog in the air that took ages to pass (It was quite spooky actually). I wore my new buys, from JD Williams. An easy and VERY cheap online catalogue store. It was hard to choose what exactly I needed because everything was so lovely and at such a decent price. I was scrolling through boots, knitwear, dressing gowns, and even coats. I decided to stick to what I know and go for black, black and more black. I found a lovely long roll neck, ribbed tunic jumper for just £18 and a stunning super long maxi cardigan for £20. That’s cheap, right?


The cardigan is thing and lightweight, but provides a perfect second layer when inside. I know for sure that I shall wear it over a bodycon dress at our work Christmas party. It gives a touch of elegance, but it still ‘just a cardie’. Because I am so short at just 5ft, the cardigan reaches my ankles and is only a few inches from the floor. But, obviously it will also suit taller ladies. My sister is 6ft and I think it would suit her too (although I definitely would have wore it better).



The roll neck tunic is amazing! I chose a size 12/14 because when I was 3st heavier I was a tight 14, not I’m a comfortable 12. I figured if I gain a bit of weight again, I will still get wear from the jumper and it wouldn’t be wasted. The jumper fit like a dream, although the neck hole was really small and took a good pull to get over my head- and no, I don’t have a large head. The jumper is really stretchy so despite pulling it over my head, it went on and off easily and held its shape. The roll neck on the jumper itself, hugged my neck and felt really really cosy. The photo on the JD Williams website made the tunic look thigh length but when I wear it, it only sits just below my hips. So, it is quite short compared to what it is described as. But, over all I was really pleased with it. A nice fit, and keeps me toasty. There are plenty of pretty but practical jumpers to explore in the JD Williams Knitwear section.

I teamed up the jumper and cardigan with some black skinny jeans and black velvet chucky heels. I looked smart, ready for dinner but the outfit was practical. It felt a little odd dressing so smartly. I’m normally found dressed for comfort (a must when I have 3 kids and I spend most of my time outside).

Once we were back from dinner, I was ready to get into my PJ’s and snuggle down for the evening. PJ’s on, but I needed another layer. This fluffy, fleecy, snuggly jumper nailed it. AND IT HAS BUNNY EARS! BUNNY EARS!!!!!


This loose fitting, super soft top is absolutely amazing and I have lived out of it since it arrived. I may have even done the school run wearing it the other day… maybe. When the hood is pulled up, my whole face was enveloped in fluffiness. It was amazing. The ideal jumper to wear on top of your PJ’s snuggled in the sofa with a glass of wine. The top got me in the mood for Christmas too, as it really is the item of clothing you want to rock over the dark festive nights. This Pretty Secrets jumper is just £24 and available in sizes from 12-30.


The JD Williams website offers some items on next day delivery, and it isn’t just sell ladies clothing. There are also kids and men’s wear to choose from, home and garden items and even electrical. There is going to be a JD Williams Black Friday event too, on Friday 25th November 2016. There are going to be some amazing bargains to be had on the day, so keep your eyes peeled!


*The maxi cardigan, roll neck tunic and the fluffy jumper were all sent to me in exchange for an honest review*

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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