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Little Jimmy Loves Bumbo

All of my children have been lucky enough to have a Bumbo floor seat. We were given one second hand from a friend back in 2011 when I was pregnant with Willow. It’s had 3 more little bums in it regularly since then. But sadly our old faithful Bumbo has finally had it’s day. With constant use from my kids and even visitors kids have sat in it, it’s been a toy for dolls and teddy bears too. 6 years of constant use and like I mentioned above, it was second hand when we were given it, Old Faithful has a split.. it is no longer safe for use, just as Jimmy is ready to go in it. Damn!

It was well and truly time for a refresh! Our old Bumbo was an old style floor seat with no safety straps, but the all new design has a safety harness- another good reason for needing a new Bumbo. I have been given an amazing opportunity to work with Bumbo on a series of posts for their famous floor seat, clever Multi Seat and an all new toy- the Stages Safari. How excited was I? Erm… Baby Jimmy, I mean 😉

Bumbo Floor Seat

Many parents will have seen or heard of the fabulous Bumbo Floor Seat. This soft, easy to clean and comfortable seat is suitable for babies from 3 months, once they have good head support and core control. At 4 months your baby will start to learn to play, and will enjoy watching the world go by. Putting your baby into the Bumbo floor seat, gives them a great opportunity to watch and learn to play, in a safe and comfortable place.

Made from low density foam, the Bumbo Floor Seat is super comfortable and gently holds your baby in an ergonomic position. Many seats for babies are made from hard plastics that can be uncomfortable and don’t offer great support. This is where the Bumbo floor seat is different and stands out from the crowd.

When and how to use

There are quite a few negative views published online about using a Bumbo, with some saying that use can inhibit their physical development. I play by the rule of common sense; Only putting my babies in the Bumbo when I am 100% sure that they are ready, and only using the Bumbo for short periods at a time- not leaving them in the chair for ages upon end. I’ve found that using a Bumbo floor seat for a few minutes at a time really helped them strengthen their core muscles. It also got my babies off of their backs, reducing the risk of flat head syndrome and when placed on their tummies for tummy time, they had more fun- due to strong neck and core muscles.

Simply place the Bumbo Floor Seat on a flat floor, sit your baby in and connect the safety straps. If you want to attach the play tray, do so once baby is already sat in the seat, as it can be tricky to put baby in the seat if the tray is already attached.

Jiimmy enjoying his Bumbo Stages Safari toy, while sitting in his new Bumbo!

A place to play

All of my children have learnt to sit unaided at around 4 months and I feel like Jimmy will be the same. I put the Bumbo down to my children sitting at an early age, as they get used to an upright alone position and confidence when sitting is key! Once my children could sit unaided, we still continued to use the Bumbo seat for many months.

The Bumbo Floor Seat gives us a place to pop the children to play if we need them to stay in one place. The Bumbo also comes with a Play Tray that is an ideal surface to put toys, snacks and a drink. Having the tray on the Bumbo helps your small children perfect their fine motor skills, when reaching out and picking up toys from the tray.

The Bumbo floor seat encourages good posture. The seat of the Bumbo is dipped slightly, keeping their back straight but also allows hips to be lower than their legs. A position that is good for posture, and gentle on the hips and back.

The tray comes in two parts and easily clicks together ready for use. The tray can be taken apart again for storage, but I did find this a little tricky. It is easier to keep the tray assembled and attached to the Bumbo when in storage. The tray is super easy to clean, with no fiddly little gaps for grime to lurk. Simply wipe down with an antibacterial wipe, and you’re good to go!

The Bumbo play tray hooks under the seat, into place.


Extra Info

The Bumbo floor seat can be used for children up to 22lbs in weight.  It is availbale in a variety of colours, we are reviewing the Aqua seat. Just some of the funky colours available are- blue, lime green, magenta, lilac, orange and red.

Remember, you should NEVER use your Bumbo on any raised surface. It is only safe for using on a flat floor. Using on raised surfaces can put your baby in danger. Old style Bumbo’s never used to have straps, but the new safer versions of the Bumbo floor seat do. You should always use the straps when baby is in the seat.

Always remember to keep you child safe and secure with the Bumbo straps!

Keep your eyes peeled on my blog over the next few weeks, for a review of the Bumbo Stages Safari toy and the amazing Bumbo Multi Seat.

For more information about Bumbo products, visit the Bumbo Website. Bumbo Floor Seats can be found in many good toy and baby specialist shops such as Mothercare, Smyths and Babies R us. Do shop around for the best price, as prices vary from store to store.


*The Bumbo products featured in this post were gifted to us in exchange for the review(s)

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Sally Newhouse (Mum-in-law) says:

    I think the Bumbo is amazing! How I wish I’d had one when my boys were small back in the 80’s. I think most babies like to be upright as much as possible – it can’t be fun being on your back like an upside down turtle for long.

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