Learning To Love Yourself During Lockdown 3.0

It’s almost been a whole year since the UK was thrown into the trials and tribulations of a lockdown, thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic. A year of seeing no friends, no events and sadly for many of us, no family. Family days out have been near non existent, and our days have been filled with home educating our children, binge watching Netflix and eating way too much food. Oh and daytime drinking. Lots of day time drinking.

Many of us have grown used to wearing no make up, putting on extra pounds and literally not wearing proper clothes for days. Unfortunately for many of us, it also means that we have forgotten to love ourselves. I’m sure a few have of you grown a hatred of the extra weight our multiple walks to the fridge have given us, or a loathing of our permanent bed hair. We are all in this together, and sweetheart, you may look and feel like shit but remember this isn’t going to be forever. What if Bo-Jo lifted the lockdown tomorrow and life went back to normal? Would you be ready? I know I wouldn’t.

Perfecting Imperfections

OK, lets start with the basics. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. See that sexy beast staring back at you? No. Me neither.

But once you were a majestic butterfly of sexiness. You still are. Let’s find her again. What bits don’t you like? Find the easy things first and have a good corona-style DIY attempt at fixing it. Bushy eyebrows- Youtube how to thread them yourself. Thinning hair- treat yourself to some to some Finasteride. Gorgeous new eyeshadow you bought and never used- Snap your brain back to the 90’s girlfriend, get your Mizz mag on and splash that glitter all over your face. *That’s Hella Fly*

Get sweaty with Joe Wicks*

*Other hyperactive good looking personal trainers who love life too much accepted.

Use the fact that gyms are legally closed, to not actually go to the gym. No one wants to see my fat arse on the treadmill anyways. Joe Wicks can’t see you through the TV screen, thank fuck, close the curtains and move like a geriatric in private. No matter what you do to work out, as long as you break a sweat, you’re winning. Just don’t replace those burnt calories with another bottle of wine. It’s fun but counter productive.

Learn a new hobby

You can try anything. Painting, crochet, making tiny clothes for dead fleas (if this seems to obscure, just Google Fleas in Clothes and you’ll defo want to try it.) If you suck at it, who cares… noone will see you fail. And if you’re good at it, great. Make loads and give your finished items away to every Tom, Dick and Harry for birthdays, Christmas and bar mitzvahs.

Get Divorced

Worked for me, and distracted me from the shit show 2020-21 had to offer. I lost baggage and learned to love myself again.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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