First of all, sorry for the delay in getting this post out there, even though I promised all of you that you would see it last week. My health hasn’t been great, hence why it’s all been quiet here at TheNewhouseFamily HQ. Hospitals suck. But I’m feeling better and in the mood to PARTY, even if it is very, very last minute!

Last week we checked out the super awesome and great value-for-money Halloween costumes available in Aldi stores and online. We discovered that not only does their costume range look brilliantly scary but they are also amazing value for money too.

Are you planning on having a Halloween party this year? It’s always great fun to get the kids together, high on sugar and bouncing around to some epic Halloween songs (Thriller, anyone?). The kids love decorating the house and getting ready to party. Aldi’s Halloween decorations for the whole house are now in store and online and they are all great fun to play with, after all decorating the house ready for a party is just as fun as the party itself! From ceiling hangings to wall art and even down to tableware you can find it all in your local store and online. Dancing skeletons and scary crows can freak out trick-or-treaters and there are even delightful cobwebs to hang all over the house.

Willow looks like shes hungry for blood!
Willow looks like she’s hungry for blood!

Halloween isn’t Halloween without cobwebs everywhere! If I didn’t dust for a couple of weeks I would have real cobwebs to display, but sadly I just happened to slip with the feather duster so fake ones will just have to do for now. These cobwebs (pictured below) are 39p per pack and you can choose from white, orange or green and each pack even comes with a few (actually quite realistic) spiders too. There is quite a lot of material so the cobwebs stretch really far, covering a big area. Its clings well too, so it doesn’t go flying away at the slightest breeze!


The living room windows were next to be prepped for Halloween. We discovered some awesome window jellies screaming ‘Trick Or Treat’ complete with tiny cute bats. They stick to the windows really well, and don’t leave any stubborn greasy marks upon removal- win! Remember to keep the packaging because when Halloween is over, simply peel off the jellies and stick back onto the plastic sheet it comes with. They shall keep until next year, ready to reuse. If you lost the plastic, wrap them up with cling-film. Handy tip from me to you… don’t let the jellies touch each other else the colour can run between them, and you end up with a brown-grey mess for next year. I’m speaking from experience, can you tell? The sticky window jellies are 89p per pack, and there are a few different styles you can choose from.

A Halloween door wreath is a spooky spin on the traditional Christmas wreath. Made of orange and black tinsel, with tiny cute pumpkins the wreath hangs perfectly on any door. It can be placed inside or outside and feels very sturdy. The wreath is easy to hang as it arrives with a handy string loop. Look at how cute the tiny tinsel pumpkins are!

Aldi halloween wreath

This year, take down any family portraits, canvasses and motivational posters, and replace with some spooky decorations. Aldi have loads of hanging decorations to scatter across your walls including some fun bunting and big box canvasses. I instantly fell in love with this hanging sign which reads ‘When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, it’s time to celebrate Halloween’. Its black orange and glittery… GLITTERY!!! Glitter isn’t just for Xmas. The text was lovely, and when hanging on the wall looks superb. I almost felt it was too good to just have out for Halloween, and I may decide to keep it up all year round!

aldi halloween sign

We love musical animated decorations. At Christmas time we always dig out the singing snowman and the rocking dog. Halloween is no different. Aldi’s range of animated decorations are utterly amazing this year pulling out at all the stops. From twisting skeletons to scary eye popping door knockers, there is something for everyone to freak out over. Baby Ivy loves the wobbly skeleton that chases her across the floor, while my Olive is obsessed with the flapping, squawking crow!


Like all of the range, these toys feel well made and sturdy. Ivy has not put down her skeleton now for well over a week. It’s been dragged on the school run and even taken to bed with her. He’s still singing strong. I am also very surprised at how long the battery has lasted so far! I have decided to keep the crow out all year round, as he is great fun to set off at random times (especially when visitors are over!). My personal favourite has to be the Convict In A Cage, who waits for people to walk past before he bends the bars and hurls abuse at passers by. With his evil red, light up eyes, he really is quite terrifying. He hangs in his cage, dangling and waiting to scare Trick or Treaters.


Decorations shouldn’t just be limited to the walls. Halloween tableware is a must too. Nibbles look wonderful in these adorable little bowls. The ceramic dishes are adorable, and painted to a very high standard. The glaze looks wonderful too. They look expensive (which they really aren’t!) and suit any party nibbles perfectly.

aldi halloween ceramics

My little girl fell in love with this gorgeous Candy Skull chilller cup and straw. It’s spooky, it’s a little bit grown up and it’s pretty. What more would my 4 year old princess want to sip her juice from at a party? The lid screws on, so it can’t just be knocked off sending liquid contents flying all over the carpet, and the plastic (and the straw too) is really tough. The chiller cup’s 2 layer design means that it keeps contents cool for longer. Obviously great for summer months too and not just for Halloween. It feels strong, and I think it would take a fair amount of force to break it. Willow has been sipping from it non-stop for the last week, she is in love! The cup is £2.99 and there is also another design to choose from too.


We didn’t want Ivy to feel left out, so she got to enjoy her water from this amazing Zooey bottle. The flip-top bottle has a folding straw and is non-spill… ideal for my clumsy 19 month old. The design is adorable, and great for little hands to hold. The cup is also great for warmer summer months too, as there is a handy freeze-able stick inside the cup that you pop into the bottle (after being frozen) to keep drinks cool when its hot outside (it feels weird talking about summer in a Halloween post!). The bottle is a little fiddly to clean around the lid area, which is why we only stick to drinking water from it.  The Zooey bottle is £2.99 and there is also an orange pumpkin design available.


Aldi really do have everything you will ever need to throw an amazing Halloween party this year. I think the whole range is priced so cheaply, but that does not reflect the quality at all. All of the items I have tested have been of excellent quality and of a superb design. Pop along to Aldi to grab those last minute Halloween bits, and remember to party as hard as an un-ripe pumpkin!


*These Aldi products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review*




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