The Joys Of Using Cloth Sanitary Protection

Today, my family were featured in The Sun for using cloth toilet paper. A brave move. But that’s not the only cloth we use in our house. We also use cloth nappies, cloth baby wipes, cloth make-up remover wipes and even cloth sanitary protection (CSP).

I’ve been using CSP for around 3 years now, and I shall never go back to using the disposable versions. With just a few weeks until our 4th baby arrives, I’m finding myself getting excited about using the fluffy pads for myself once again.

What is Cloth Sanitary Protection?

The supermarket feminine shelves are filled with many choices of sanitary towels. The cloth versions are near identical to those purchased on the shelf, but instead of nasty plastics, they are made from soft cotton. Instead of binning them, you just wash and use again and again. No chemicals, no sweaty textiles, no added perfumes. Fluffy love for your vagina.

Oh… and they come in pretty patterns and colours!

When Can I use CSP?

For your whole period. There are pads of all sizes. A pad for every day of your cycle. Small liners, pads for light flow to heavily flow, pads for post partum use. Big, small, long short. There’s a pad out there for you.

Many ladies, also use them as incontinence pads too. They are super absorbent and far less prone to leaks!

Why Use CSP?

Many women have experienced:

  • Lighter periods
  • Shorter periods
  • Less cramping
  • Less infections (such as thrush)
  • Less odours
  • No rashes
  • Reduced endometriosis symtoms
  • No weird sweaty bits
  • They forget they are wearing a pad… as they are so soft, like knickers
  • Faster healing post partum (after having a baby)
  • Huge “fucks” thrown at the Tampon Tax!
Soft and fluffy!

Cloth pads don’t have such a nasty effect on the earth. According to Enviromenstrual, women use 11,000 disposable period related products in her reproductive lifetime. 200,000 tonnes of menstrual products end up in landfill every year. Feel bad yet?

Disposable pads are made of 90% plastic, and I genuinely have no idea what the chemical ingredients are. Cloth pads tend to just have 2 little plastic poppers to hold them in place… and no added chemicals. can see you see why women are reporting less menstruation related side effects from using CSP.

Tampons can dry out the vagina, by absorbing ALL moisture- including the stuff you need. Inserting and removing a tampon also causes tiny cuts to the vagina, leaving you at risk of infections and creating a breading ground for bacteria… including the deadly Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

The initial cost of buying CSP may seem more than buying a box of tampons or pads, but they will save you £££’s over the years. Look after your pads correctly and you will be quid’s in.

Pads not for you? How about the Moon Cup?

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. My husband sent me the link to your blog today and was like “Found a local blog for you!” I had a brief look but then had to dash off to Holiday Club (and conserve my phone battery lol). But I had also briefly seen the link about the toilet wipes but toddler-ness distracted me.
    It’s crossed my mind about trying reusable sanitary pads. We did try reusable nappies but didn’t get on with them when Jaxon was little. (He used to do massive pees and they would leak all the time!). Where do you get your CSP from? How do they do overnight? That’s usually when I have issues (We got a new mattress so this time round I slept on a towel out of fear I might leak on the new mattress!) 🙁

    1. Hey, Thanks for commenting. I use Cheeky Mama pads (by Cheeky Wipes). They do some superb over night/postpartum pads. I was prone to back leaks, but since using CSP I have never had a single leak! I make sure I wear ‘hugging’ knickers just to hold everything in place too. 🙂 There are other brands available, so do have a shop around online and hopefully you can find something perfect for you. x

  2. Wendy Johnson says:

    Loved your article, which ended up on my FB page via my local newspaper. I had just made myself some cloth wipes for this purpose (bought some babygrows from my local charity shop for 10p) so was very interested in what you had to say – now looking for a suitable container for them but will wait a couple of weeks as my daughters are coming this weekend and then have guests next weekend – don’t want to freak people out (if the comments made on the article are anything to go by!!).
    Now looking at the CPS but for incontinence as I am of a certain age and when out running – problems can happen
    Well don you and your family.

    1. Hi, Thanks for commenting and being so positive. I can’t believe how far the story has spread. Unfortunately there will always be people who throw a negative comment in, even when they fully don’t understand the situation. Just start slow with the wipes, and soon you will find yourself using them more and more! Good luck finding some pads, and I hope you enjoy using them. x

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