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Join The Horse Club With Schleich

Kids love horses. Everything about them is amazing. Well, that is certainly the case in our house, with 3 girls who are pony mad. The girls have a few toy ponies and horses that they love dearly and we often see them daydreaming when passing the Schleich toy stand at our local garden centre, eyeing up the stunning range of toys. Beautiful toys, made to last and a firm family favourite for many years.

When we were offered the chance to check out the all-new horses and their riders for the Schleich Horse Club, my girls were super excited! They came home from school to find that their dream toys had arrived. They couldn’t wait to play, and nor could I.

Each set contains a rider and horse. The all-new Horse Club features 4 best friends, and their horses. Each with their own likes and styles. Each as stunning as the next. The first thing that struck me about these beautiful toys is the excellent quality of the whole range. They are solid and rather heavy (like all other Schleich toys). The riders are articulated so they fit their horses perfectly.

The colours are bright and vivid with the paint-work being precise and realistic. These toys could take the heavy play of younger children and still look great. Luckily my girls are now older and starting to play more gently, and these horses make perfect small-world toys to inspire role play and imaginations.

The Horse Club horses and riders are part of a wider Horse Club franchise, that includes playsets and accessories such as the Vet Van and the Caravan. For any child that has an interest in horses, veterinary care or farming toys, these Schleich Horse Club horses would make an excellent gift for Christmas, as the perfect stocking filler.

There are 4 new horse club riders and their horses. Lisa and Storm, Sarah and Mystery, Hannah and Cayenne and Sofia and Blossom.

I know I have said recently that we have been trying to live a more plastic-free lifestyle, and obviously these toys are made of plastic but they are built to last. Unlike many toys found online or in stores these days, These horse and riders are certainly built to last forever. If looked after, I can easily imagine my grandchildren playing with these toys and them still being in excellent condition in many, many years to come.



The Horse Club horse and riders are aimed at children aged from 5 years and are £14.99 for each horse and rider set. They are available to buy from Schleich online here. There is also an excellent website where kids can have lots of fun and find out more information about this wonderful club.


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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