Our Syndactyly Journey

Jimmy’s Syndactyly Release Operation Is One Step Closer

Wow, what a fantastic 6 weeks of Summer Holiday fun. It’s flown past so quickly. We have done lots of fun things, and we even saw progress in Jimmy’s much needed operation to separated his fused fingers.

Last week, I received a phone call booking Jimmy in for his operation! We had just 48 hours to prepare for the op. Talk about ‘last minute’! Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. They realised that there had been a mistake on the booking, as Jimmy has to be 1 year old before he is able to go under the knife (due to anaesthetic risks). But we did go to the hospital for X-rays in preparation for the operation and to meet Jimmy’s surgeon.

Jimmy has Syndactyly, but that doesn’t stop him from playing!

Jimmy’s surgeon is a lovely lady (forgive me that I can’t remember her name!) who saw us in clinic on Friday. She wanted to meet us to say ‘hello’ and meet Jimmy. We left her office and went to get Jimmy’s X-rays taken. Both hands were X-rayed and the images were sent straight to the surgeon. We then made our way back down to clinic to discuss the results.

Best case scenario would have been that Jimmy’s bones were separate and intact, with just his skin being fused. This means that the operation would have been an easy case of ‘cut-and-close’. Unfortunately the X-rays showed that the finger tips, below his nails were fused at the very end. This complicates things a little. It means that the operation will take a little longer to do. Simple syndactyly release takes around 2 hours but when bones need separating it can take a longer time. Check out Jimmy’s X-ray here…

We were told months ago by a different surgeon that if the bones were fused that it’s most likely that we will be sent to Great Ormond Street for the operation. But, the lovely surgeon we saw on Friday said that she is confident the op can be done at our local hospital (fingers crossed- excuse the pun!)

We have another appointment in October with the surgeon again, and as he will have had his 1st birthday, we are hoping that they shall give us a surgery date!

Jimmy’s hands when he was just a few days old. They’re less wrinkly now!



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