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I’m A TV Star- well almost!

A few months ago, when attending a young mums group that I regularly attend, we had the pleasure of having some guests from BBCTHREE visit us. They were wanting young mums who were expecting a baby for a new documentary to be aired in the spring, as part of their baby season.

I agreed to take part, but as I was half way through my pregnancy I didn’t expect to be much help for them, as I was in the ‘boring’ stage- OK pregnancy isn’t boring at all, but its not as fun as the very beginning or the end- lets face it!! I had to shoot a few questions and answers on a small hand held camera, I filmed our 20 weeks scan, our wedding ceremony and a few other clips of us moving house.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get much useful or good quantity film for them to use. But I was pleased when I actually saw myself (and our unborn baby) on TV! Be it brief .. it was fab!!

The programme was good (didn’t agree with some of the editing styles though!) and the wonderful girls from Firecracker films should be pleased with themselves for the final cut 🙂

I would highly recommend taking part in a reality documentary. It was fun and a great life experience… and you never know, you MAY just see yourself!

Although, Jay and Willow are sulking they that didn’t get their 0.28 seconds of fame!!

hazel newhouse on tvOlive on TV


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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