Get hydrated this summer with Bobble Infuse


Get rehydrated with Bobble Infuse this summer, because nothing is better than drinking refreshing water in the hot summer weeks and to not do so would be quite dangerous. This smart bottle has a special way of making every bottle of water that you drink even better with its ingenious carbon filter which removes chlorine from ordinary tap water, making it taste and smell better for a nicer refreshing drink.

The BPA free Bobble Infuse aims to reduce the amount of waste created from buying bottled water, because you can simply filter-as-you-drink ordinary tap water, keeping all of those usual shop purchased bottles out of the bin. The carbon filter can also be removed from the bobble meaning that you can add tasty fruit into your water and infuse water on the go. The ‘cage’ that would normally hold the carbon filter, then stops bits of fruit from blocking the mouthpiece. I have been infusing with lemons, kiwis and mangos to experiment with flavours but your options and mixes are endless. When you order a Bobble you even get a handy little recipe card with some fruity inspiration to work with. Once the mouthpiece is removed from the Bobble the opening is also big enough to fit ice cubes in too, so you can enjoy all of your favourite infusions (and filtered water) ice old, perfect when its hot during workouts.

The bottle, cap, mouth piece, carbon filter and cage make up the Water Bobble
The bottle, cap, mouth piece, carbon filter and cage make up the Water Bobble

The water filter can be used to filter the equivalent of 300 single serve bottles and needs replacing every 4 months, but there is a handy little month-marker so you can select which month your filter will need replacing and keep a close reminder of when this needs to be done. The bobble holds 590ml of water, which I feel to be a good size. Its not too big or heavy to carry around and fits nicely in handbags, gym kit bags and even baby changing bags with ease.

We were very pleased with the Bobble and it has been in constant use in our house since we first starting using one. It filters tap water really well and certainly removes that nasty choline smell and taste from the water, which seems to be quite strongly present in our local area. We had great fun trying out new flavours when infusing and the bottle works efficiently and has encouraged us to drink more over the day. The girls have even been coming up with new ideas about what flavours we could try next, although explaining to Olive that putting chocolate into the water may not be the best idea she’s ever had.

The special carbon filter removes those nasty chlorine smells and taste from tap water.
The special carbon filter removes those nasty chlorine smells and taste from tap water.

The Bobble has a no-spill sports cap style spout that means no leaky lids spilling all over the contents of my bag. For added security of spills there is also a soft cap that sits over the lid of the Bobble. creating a well sealed top and even with a handy loop for carrying your Bobble.

When we first placed the filter into the bobble, I did have difficulty getting water out of the Bobble and I felt like I was having to suck really hard to even get a just little water out, but I soon realised that I had put the filter in the wrong way around (this wasn’t explained in the instructions), but once changed around the water flowed nicely and there were no more problems. I personally am quite happy to just refill and old plastic bottle from a previous purchase and refill and reuse as much as I wish too, but I did like the filter system which created a much better taste by removing the choline from the tap water. I also really liked the option of adding my own fruit and infusing water for a lovely special flavour rather than buying flavoured water which quite often contains teeth-rotting added sugars and preservatives.

The Bobble Infuse is available from the Waterbobble website and costs £14.99. This includes the bottle, sports cap and a filter. Replacement filters can be purchased in a 2 pack and cost £6.99.


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Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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