How To Look After A Horse

Getting a pet is always a big responsibility. When it comes to choosing the right pet for you and your family the normal options such as a dog or a cat will likely come to mind. However if you enjoy having the house to yourselves or you don’t have a lot of space to keep a pet indoors, an outdoor pet might be a better option for you. Horses are beautiful creatures and they make amazing outdoor pets, and today we want to share how you can look after a horse and keep them healthy and happy throughout their life.

Ensure a good diet

It is important when you get a horse that you consider what diet it will need to stay strong and healthy. We all imagine horses eating hay and nothing else, but not just any hay will do if you want to keep your horse healthy. It is important to find haylage suppliers and buy the best haylage for your horse to give them a good dose of fibre and nutrients. Apples are also a great treat for you horse and they love the occasional polo mint if you want to be naughty!

Ensure proper shelter

The main concern with having a pet who lives outside is ensuring that the pet has enough shelter to keep them dry and warm. Your horse will need a stable area that it warm and weatherproof to make sure that they don’t become ill from the damp. Think about also adding some extra comforts to their shelter such as a heater for cold days.

Buy bedding material

For any pet we keep it is important to make sure that they are comfortable and happy at all times. One of the ways to do this effectively is to bring some bedding material into the stable to make it more cosy for your horse at night. Pellets are a popular choice for this and they will provide warm cushioning to ensure that your horse can sleep peacefully each night.

Give them vitamins

Like us, horses need a certain balance of nutrients every day to keep them healthy and happy. It is important as a pet owner that you help them gain access to these vitamins and minerals and this is where tablets or drinks could come in handy. By providing your horse with essential nutrients they will stay healthy and happy and live a long life.

Keep a fresh water supply

When looking after your horse it is incredibly important to make sure they always have access to clean water. All animals need water to survive and you should create a water supply that will always be clean for your animal so they can stay hydrated and healthy.

Maintain the fields

The pasture you have for your horse is their whole world. As far as they are concerned this is their home and it is important for you to maintain the space to make it as horse friendly as you can. Maintain lush green grass and place sturdy fences around the pasture to keep your horse inside.


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Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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