House Of Danger, Choose Your Own Adventure Board Game – Review

This month’s Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club features House Of Danger, A Choose Your Own Adventure game.

Occasionally a board game pops up I just know that I must add to our collection. We were huge fans of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books as kids, and to see that there are now new additions to the Choose Your Own Adventure universe is beyond epic! Popular CYOA book House Of Danger has had a facelift … in board game form!

The House Of Danger board game allows players to choose what they do, where they go and complete tasks throughout the chapters of the game. The game takes seconds to set up, with clear simple instructions and the game’s story explains the rest. To start the game, explore the image on the back of the game board for 2 minutes, this image holds clues for the rest of the game. You then read the story cards, and follow the instructions. Occasionally you must rely on your psychic abilities to pass tasks. That’s what your game board is used for. It’s all very simple.

The game looks and feels like the classic books. The chapter cards are written like pages of the books, with the same font and subtle yellowing of pages. The box is designed just like the covers of the famous books too. The whole board game has a real vintage vibe, that takes us back 30 years to the days of buying a new CYOA book and thumbing the pages with excitement.

Game Play

You are an aspiring detective and psychic investigator. For weeks you have experienced recurring nightmares that you sense might be important. Your mission is to get to the bottom of these visions.

You will move through the story as a group (or on your own). The story is made up of 5 chapters, each of which is to be played in a single session. Each chapter takes around an hour to play.

When you have reached the end of Chapter 5, you’ve reached the end of the story. There are several ways in which your story could end. The ending depends on the choices you made and the items that you have found.

I played this game with my brother-in-law, and we took it in turn to read the story and clue cards. We worked together to make decisions (often with poor consequences!). This game is perfect for either solo players, or those who wish to play as part of a huge team.

Final Thoughts

This is a wonderful board game for any fans of the original Choose Your Own Adventure books, bringing back fond memories and reminding us what the books were like. This game is something ‘a bit different’, and is a great novelty even for those who have never read any of the CYOA books.

The box is small, despite containing hundreds of cards, and would be ideal for taking on holidays or long train journeys.

Super easy to play, great fun, long lasting and different House Of Danger will firmly remain Pride Of Place on our game shelf. One of the best games we have played in a long time.

I would love to see more Choose Your Own Adventure board games be released, as at the moment there is just House Of Danger available to buy. If Z-Man Games announce to release any others, I will be one of the first to reserve a copy!

Buy The Game

You can purchase House Of Danger from all good board game shops and online. Prices vary so do shop around.

Don’t forget to check out the other awesome games from Asmodee UK. There is a game for everyone!

Next month I shall be reviewing Gen 7, a science-fiction crossroads game.

  • A copy of this game was sent to me in exchange for this post, in collaboration with the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club. All opinions and photographs are my own.

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