Let The Holiday Planning Commence

This summer we will be taking our first ever family holiday. We will be packing our finest holiday clothes, purchasing the highest factor sun creams (I HAVE to have factor 60 or I do turn into a Frazzle crisp), digging out the bucket and spades – no pun intended and purchasing all of those other family essentials…

We are heading to Clacton for 5 nights staying in a traditional family caravan. The kids don’t know yet. though. I would tell them now but I know if I did I would be asked every single morning upon waking if it was time to go yet by Willow.

When I was little and growing up with my nan and grandad we always took family caravan holidays staying in places such as Great Yarmouth and the Isle Of Wight. My grandparents made sure that we treasured these family holidays and made the most of them. Just us 3 and the dog. The dog always had to come along for the trip. It was these little breaks away that really made me appreciate the great British holiday. We never went abroad or flew in a plane.

That is why I am super excited to give my family exactly what I had as a child. A bloody fabulous holiday and a lifetime of memories.

We chose Clacton as there is plenty to do and visit during our stay, which guarantees us to be busy for every moment of our holiday and no time wasted twiddling our thumbs… even on a rainy day (Lets face it The great British seaside holiday,  Of Course it is going to rain!). But what do we visit first? The zoo? The farm? The pier? No… THE BEACH!

In the evenings when the kids are all tucked up in bed, little legs aching and dreaming of the adventures that the day delivered, me and Jay shall be spending quality time together as a couple. Doing what we love to do best. Playing board games. Yup, That’s right. We love a good game. With plenty of games to hand (Carcassonne and Sopio will most definitely be in our suitcase), a glass of wine, and our mobile phones OFF we shall huddle over that little caravan table and declare ‘Game on!’

We still have lots of things to buy for our holiday, mainly because as I mentioned, we have never been on a summer break before as a family. But I will make sure I have fun sweeping the shops preparing us for the holiday we shall never forget.

Maybe next year we shall do something different, take the plunge, pack our suitcases and get ourselves some passports and catch a plane! I fancy a holiday in Italy or Florida. Cosmos Holidays have lots of eye catching package holidays for us to dream about. And maybe one day instead of taking board games for the journey, we shall be taking some exotic currency and mosquito repellent!

OK, we may still pack just one little game. Monopoly?


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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