How Gum Disease Can Affect Your Overall Health And Wellbeing

Gum disease is responsible for many oral issues. Good gum care is as equally important as cleaning your teeth. We all know why brushing your teeth is so important, it ensures that food particles and bacteria are removed to stop tooth decay from developing. The medical term for gum disease is Periodontal Disease, which comes in a range of forms. From the very mild to severe. Severe cases can include where the gums begin to separate from the teeth, which can be the onset of a serious infection.

Active Bacterial Infection


All forms of periodontal disease are active bacterial infections, and although the problem might arise in the mouth, the infection quickly spreads to other parts of the body. Even a small cut in your mouth can be enough for a bacterial infection to enter the bloodstream, and this will seriously impact your immune system. If by any chance, you are looking for a good dentist in Brisbane CBD, there is an excellent clinic that specialises in all forms of oral care, and with regular check-ups, should you develop the early symptoms of gum disease, the dentist can take immediate action.

The Immune System


This is nature’s defence against any harmful germs or bacteria that manages to get into your body. When a person develops a gum infection, more often than not, there is bacterial growth. This can be transported around the body via the bloodstream. You might think that a mouth ulcer, for instance, does not present a danger to your overall health. In actual fact, this is the time when there is a high risk of infection. By having regular appointments with your local dentist, he or she can make sure that both your teeth and gums are healthy. If you would like some further reading on the subject, there is a some very informative articles on the Internet on the immune system and how it works.

Chronic Infection

If a person contracts a form of gum disease and does nothing about it, the infection will spread and this can happen via the bloodstream. When the immune system is attacked by bacteria from all sides, medical treatment is required, which might even involve a short hospital admittance. This is why it is so important to keep an eye on the condition of your gums, as well as making sure your teeth are regularly cleaned.

Regular Oral Inspections

Gum disease can attack anyone at any time, which is why it is essential to visit your local dentist every few months. He or she can thoroughly examine your mouth. Should the dentist find that you do have Periodontal Disease, the right treatment can be given before any serious damage occurs. If you have recently moved and have no idea where your nearest dentist is located, a Google search will bring up a list of local clinics, and the sooner you register, the better.

If the truth be known, your gums are every bit as important as your teeth, and the mouth is the one place where infection can quickly spread to other parts of the body.



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