Go Green When Updating The Family Home

A house that you own is something of a work-in-progress. You get to look at this blank canvas of a house that you have, add your personality and make changes to it as and when you see fit. You may have bought your home with your partner shortly after getting married, and as the kids come along all those dream projects that you may have had slide to the wayside. With a growing family comes growing utility bills, and while you don’t have to let go of your home renovation plans, you do have to make some tweaks.

The best way to make changes to your home while saving money on bills at the same time is to go green. Homeowner personal loans can get you the upgrades you want without having to wait around, and get you started on your greener journey. We are all living in a time where the issues in the environment are painfully obvious and we have to do what we can where we can to live a greener life. The best place to start being eco-friendlier is with the place we live and our lifestyle, and what better way than getting the entire family involved?

It’s good for children to see you be actively environmentally-friendly, as it encourages the same behaviours. We’ve got some great ideas for green upgrades to make your home perfect:

Kitchen Countertops

When you are redoing the kitchen and making it more current, it’s a good idea to look into reclaimed wooden countertops like endurawood. The endurawood is a perfect example of eco-safe household promotion as no new trees need to be cut down to make your kitchen perfect. Your peace of mind knowing that your upgrade can do so much for the environment should be enough to research reclaimed wood.

How about not ripping out the old work tops? You can upgrade your work tops for less, and minimal work. Have a look on Pinterest and see what amazing things people have done with a roll of Fablon, or a tin of paint!

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring. It’s a little-known fact, but bamboo flooring is a wonderful option for your home. They are better for the environment than traditional hardwood floors, and the price compared to traditional wood is far nicer on the wallet. You can read this article in more depth and learn about how bamboo can enrich your home and why you should make it the choice for your flooring.

Paper Furniture

Okay, so we’re not talking doll houses, but furniture made with recycled paper that you can use in the house. I am genuinely blown away by this concept. The way the paper is pressed and moulded it looks like real timber, with unique patterns and designs on them. These materials can contribute to a more sustainable future and you would be a part of that change.

It’s wonderful to think about your energy and utility bills when it comes to having a home chock-full of eco-friendly furniture and materials. Not only are you giving back, but you’re teaching your whole family that a renovation isn’t just about you – it’s about the wider world outside the window. Make a plan and get everyone at home involved and you will be able to pull off a renovation you can all be proud of.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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