The New Glamour Children

We have all seen the programs on the TV. Small little girls (and some boys) plastered in a tonne of Make-up, wearing horrific clothes, strutting down a cat-walk, dancing to a song some with explicit lyrics. It is wrong. It is very, very wrong. Now this is just my opinion. It may differ to yours.

What sort of children are we raising? Little girls that are worried about being too fat, ugly, not tall or pretty enough? It breaks my heart.

These children(s parents) spend hours putting on make-up, rehearsing, travelling to pageants, trying on dresses and having dance/singing/elocution lessons. Hours that could be spent PLAYING. Playing with toys, or their siblings. Playing games that teach them actual life skills. And its not just hours playing lost, what about school work? How do these children have time to study or do their homework? Do their parents ever take them to museums, theme parks or the beach? When doing some research I  read that some parents even admitted to encouraging the activities of a pageant OVER education.

I’m sure some children love taking part in these competitions and this is their idea of fun and a hobby. Now for those children, I say “Go for it! Have fun”. but when did these little competitions, that were meant to be fun, turn into a massive billion-dollar industry, that saps the child-like qualities from these kids?

And this isn’t just in America, its become very popular over here in Britain too in the past few years. 7 years ago, there were no Child beauty pageants in GB, But now there are more than 20 a year and rising, with thousands of children (boys and girls) taking part. One little girl, Sasha Bennington age just 13, told the Gaurdian 2 years ago, that she has a spray tan every week, a new set of acrylic nails every month, and regularly bleaches her hair. Her idol is Katie Price.

This makes me so mad. Our children are subject to this. This is now the norm. Where are our girls that play with dollys, tea-sets and wear ankle socks and pretty summer dresses? They care more about being a child and getting dirty.

Of course its not the childrens decision, its the parents. No way a child could spend all the money needed to go into these contests from their own pocket money, they don’t spray themselves with tan or put their eyelashes on themselves. I cant even put false eyelashes on and I am in my 20’s! These parents push and push and push their kids. Many of these children when asked, said it is their mother  who decides which contests to take part in. In my eyes this is a case of child cruelty. Starving a person of their childhood. Filling their minds with nonsense about how they need make-up and tans to be beautiful, And not letting them choose their own hobbies. Maybe that beautiful little girl who just won that crown wants to be a motocross rider like her brother or she dreams of going fishing with her daddy.

I’m not saying this is all kids, as some genuinely love taking part and dolling themselves up but I do believe the majority are just poor babies that have had their minds molded so much that they don’t know what they want anymore.

I hope Willow grows into the sort of little girl, that has to sit on the kitchen table, while I patch up a grazed knee. Asks for a baby-born dolly from Father Christmas and feels special when she plays with my lipstick for the first time.

If she wants to take up a hobby when shes older I will fully support that. Be it horse riding or Brownies etc. But I am a firm believer that children should keep their innocence for as long as possible. I dread to think what generation of women we have made. Only time will tell I suppose.


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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