A Special Christmas Treat With Furbo: The Treat Tossing Dog Camera (Review)


My 2 dogs Scrapper and Dixie were given an extra special treat for Christmas. I would also consider it a pretty freakin’ awesome gift for myself too. We are now the proud owners of a Furbo Dog Camera. This special camera allows me to watch my pooches in live HD video streaming, throw them treats from wherever I am in the world and take photos or videos of my dogs, through the camera. It’s a nifty piece of kit. I love it, the dogs love it and my kids love it.

Furbo –  The World’s First Treat-Tossing Dog Camera

Furbo isn’t just any kind of live view camera, its designed specifically for your dogs so you can watch them wherever you are, you can talk to each other, and you throw treats to your dog… from the camera! The designers worked closely with vets and dog trainers to ensure that dog owners can train, comfort and reward dogs when their pooches are home alone.

The set up is super easy. Just plug in your new Furbo, download the free Furbo app, and connect through your wifi and Bluetooth. It’s super simple. We went from unboxing the Furbo to tossing treats within 5 minutes.

The camera design is sleek and modern and looks superb. It feels durable and well made with good quality materials. My home has a vintage vibe, but the Furbo still looked gorgeous on our drop-leaf table next to the fireplace.

Our dogs watched (confused) as I put treats into the camera. Loading the Furbo with treats is also super easy. The wooden lid simply lifts off and there is an easy-to-fill cavity for the treats. It holds a lot of treats so don’t be worried about having to refill it often. The lid has a good seal too, to keep treats fresh. The Furbo holds and dispenses most small sized nibbles. We refilled the Furbo with our usual Pets At Home training treats, which worked perfectly.

Play time!

To watch your dogs and to throw treats, the app is super simple. It’s just one main screen, which is the HD live view camera screen. From this screen, touch the picture of the treat in the bottom middle of the screen and your Furbo will make a squeaky ball sound to capture your dogs attention. Automatically a small amount of treats will fly from the machine (at great speed!) towards your dogs.

This had us in absolute stitches! I’ll be honest, treats flying through the air from a ‘robot’ and hitting my dog on the head is pretty darn funny. The Furbo has a pre-recorded ‘snack call’, that sounds like a squeaky ball. But you can record your own call, for that special personal touch. The app will also tell you how many times you have thrown treats that day, so you don’t over feed your dogs.

The image quality is nice and clear (1080p HD), with a 160° wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom and automatic night vision. To zoom in, simply use 2 fingers on your screen, as you would to zoom into a photograph.

The Furbo can even send you alerts to your phone when your dog is barking. A nifty feature for those who worry about their dogs causing a sound disturbance when left alone. You can adjust the sensitivity of the bark sensor. I changed ours to the most sensitive but found it was going off at any noise (including the sound of our neighbours through our thin walls), so I turned the sensitivity down a little.

When visiting family yesterday, my phone alerted me to the dogs barking. I checked the camera to discover my terrier Scrapper on the kitchen table! Dixie was barking at him because she knew that he was being a naughty boy. Luckily I could capture the image to share with you guys.

If you’re worried about your dogs trying to help themselves to treats from the Furbo, do not fear! The Furbo has been through a vigorous durability test. The Furbo has 3 sticky pads on the bottom. Remove the stickers and stick your Furbo down into it’s final position and wait for 1 minute. The Furbo is made from an extra strong plastic, and a 40lb beagle couldn’t pull it from it’s position once stuck. Just 1 of 100 naughty dogs called in to road test the Furbo!

Final Thoughts

I am really impressed with the Furbo Dog Camera. My terrier Scrapper is 3 years old and I trust him not to destroy the house or annoy the neighbours with his barking, but Dixie is still a puppy. Her bark is loud (She’s a Lurcher) and she is very-much going through that naughty puppy stage.

It’s lovely to know that I can drop in on them at any time, talk to them and give them treats. It’s wonderful to see them even when I am out of the house, even though I never leave them for more than a couple of hours at a time. It’s the extra reassurance I need as a doggy-mum of 2.

I would have like to have seen the app come with a play-back feature, so I could rewind and see something that I may have missed when not looking at the app’s live view. Hopefully this is something that the designers would consider in the future.

All-in-all a wonderful camera, that I believe is well worth it’s weight in gold. My dogs absolutely love Furbo and so do I!

Where To Buy

You can buy a Furbo Dog Camera from the Furbo website. It’s currently on offer for £129.00 (Price correct at time of publishing). The Furbo has an RRP of £249.00. A pricey gadget but certainly worth it!

I already have one friend who wants to buy one for her terrier, and another who even wants one for her house cats! Brilliant!

The Furbo comes with a 2 year warranty, Free delivery and 30 day Money back guarantee.

If you would like to read more about Furbo, you can visit the Furbo Dog Camera Website here.

*This Furbo was gifted to me in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. This post is an advertisement in collaboration with Furbo.




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