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Take Off Your Make-up The Natural Way

I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I still wear enough that warrants a good scrub at the end of the night. BUT, I have scrapped a lot of nasty chemicals from my life. I no longer buy tampons or sanitary towels and made the switch to cloth alternatives, we even stopped buying baby wipes and toilet paper. Instead we now use reusable cloth versions. But what about reusable make-up wipes? Now, I might be willing to ditch the tampons (I don’t fancy putting bleach up my vagina) but no way am I ready to give up mascara… not yet anyway. I’m far too fair haired for that!

Make-up removers and wipes contain lots of nasty sh*t that can cause more harm than good. And while a decent remover keeps the smudges off of our pillows, it can instead create some tricky skin situations. Dry skin patches, sore areas or even greasy outbreaks can all be to blame for our makeup removing habits. It’s also worth remembering that while we may wash our faces after using wipes, some of the ingredients are still left on our skin overnight, becoming absorbed and causing problems.

  • Many removers can block pores, causing spots.
  • Harsh chemicals can cause irritations.
  • Skin can be dried out, creating stubborn dry patches.
  • Many removers when used to take off mascara can give you red puffy eyes that sting.
  • You run the risk of an allergic reaction.
  • You’re throwing away money, on a disposable item.
  • It will be something that you need to buy and buy again for as long as you wear make-up.
  • Alcohol removers can be especially harsh, causing redness, dry skin and stinging sensations.
  • Wipes end up in landfill (or worse, in sewerage system!) and are causing some serious damage to our planet.
  • You’re adding more chemicals to your life that could other wise be avoided.
  • Depending where you are in the world, your wipes and it’s ingredients may have been tested on animals.

A Fresh Faced Alternative!


I am a huge fan of Cheeky Wipes who are a superb brand bringing us gorgeous reusable options. Cheeky Wipes feature in my bathroom cabinet a lot. They are the brand behind my baby wipes, my sanitary protection, my reusable toilet paper and now my make up wipes!

Cheeky Wipes have designed a gorgeous kit for makeup removal featuring a super soft set of remover pads (with pretty patterns) a handy storage tub, and a pot of yummy all natural organic virgin coconut oil. It’s all so girly and fluffy and soft and pretty… sqweeee!

I’ve been using the wipes for a couple of weeks now, and I wanted to put the kit through the ultimate test. I was going to do something I would never do. A FULL FACE OF MAKEUP USING EVERYTHING IN MY MAKEUP BAG. Ugh. I have no idea how to apply half of it. I’m pretty sure some of it is dangerously out of date.

But it would be a seriously good test to see just how well these simple bamboo pads and just plain old-favourite coconut oil would remove it all. I expect to use a LOT of pads and a lot of oil!

The Test

So I applied the make-up. I caked it on thick. I wasn’t going for ‘pretty’, I was going for ‘pretty-damn-gross’. It worked… I think. Ugh. I could hardly move my face. How do some women do this daily?


To remove, I started by rubbing a thumbnail size dollop of coconut oil into my face. I could actually see my makeup sliding away with the movements of my fingers. My mascara just melted off! No weird stinging sensations or harsh scrubbing. So far so good.

I took a wipe and soaked it under a hot tap. Not too hot though, but warm enough to open my pores for a deep clean. Wipe all of that coconut oil/ make-up mix away.

Take another wet clean wipe and wipe away some more. No need to use soap, as this can also irritate your skin. Just water and wipes will do the job. Pat face dry and put your dirty wipes in the wash to be used again and again!


Don’t I look all fresh faced and clean?! *hides from embarrassment!* I found the wipes were very soft, and no heavy scrubbing was needed. My skin felt so soft afterwards, and there was no greasy residue. I felt very clean indeed.

I only used 3 wipes in total and they removed ALL traces of make up!


The Wipes

Made from soft and cuddly minky material (that’s the patterned side) and soft bamboo. They are a good size (palm of my hand) and well sewn. There are quite a few gorgeous patterns to choose from such as owls, apples, rainbows, penguins and flowers.

cheekywipes me

The wipes can even double up as breast pads for pregnant or nursing mums. Simply put the bamboo (white) side to your skin and the minky material (patterned side) will act as a waterproof layer to stop soggy clothes! They are a good size as breast pads and I will certainly be using them for that reason.

The coconut oil

Just a simple organic virgin coconut oil comes with the kit. Cococnut oil can be widely purchased in most supermarkets and health shops, so when you run out of the 50ml tub you can easily source more!


Cheeky Wipes also stock more oil on their website, if you choose to buy more from them.I did eat some (I can’t resist!) and it’s a good quality oil. very coconut-y!

The Dirty Box

Once you’ve cleaned your face and you’re done with your wipes, simply pop them into the ‘dirty’ box. The box has a handy catch on the lid to stop small fingers getting into them easily, and the tub does have a waterproof seal- I think this feature is on the dirty baby wipes for if you choose to soak your dirty wipes and the box gets knocked over, to avoid spills. I’m loving the bright pink box, and looks fab with our blue box (for baby wipes). The box is large and hold more wipes than you would ever need to store before wash day. I just throw my make-up wipes in with my normal laundry, so no extra special wash load is needed 🙂

cheekywipesboxWhere to buy

You can purchase your own Cheeky Wipes Makeup Remover set here on the Cheeky Wipes online shop.

The set costs just £16.95 and you shall receive 10 of the bamboo wipes, a 50ml pot of extra virgin, raw and organic coconut oil, the dirty box (choice of pink or blue). You can add extra wipes, or larger pots of coconut oil if you want to.

Don’t forget to have a look around the whole Cheeky Wipes shop where you can find gorgeous baby wipes, sanitary towels, changing mats, breast pads, wet bags and more!


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Mum Newhouse says:

    What a brilliant combination. We already love using coconut oil don’t we Mrs Newhouse junior! I hate using anything ‘unnatural’ on my skin. It’s my birthday soon…just saying like 🙂

  2. What a fab idea; I’ve heard so many people rave about coconut oil as it seems such a multi purpose product. I wear full eye make up every day and have really sensitive eyes, so I cant use most makeup removers you find at the drug store. I now use Green Tea Cleanser to remove my eye makeup and this takes it off really well without making my eyes water. No eye irritation what so ever and I also use it as my night face cleanser. Its a creamy liquid, so it works for removing eye makeup as well.

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