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Best Boot Forward – Change

This week’s #BestBootForward comes from Indigo Wilderness.

As 2018 marks the centenary of the passing of the Representation of the People act in 1918, we are taking a look at change. 100 years ago women won the right to vote. It was a huge mark in history and a change that was very much for the best. Unfortunately only women over the age of 30 were allowed to vote, and those with qualifications. Many women were still not allowed to vote, but that all changed in 1928.

Fast forward 100 years, and there are lots more important problems that need tackling NOW. Today I am answering questions from Kate, who wants to know what I would like to change.

If you could change one thing, and one thing only about the world we live in today, what would that be?

Packaging. Packaging is vile and quite often unnecessary. Humans are killing the Earth, animals and plants because of excessive use of packaging. So many of the items that we buy now have all kinds of crazy packaging, that really is not needed. Why do bananas need plastic bags? Why do eggs need plastic egg boxes? Why does everything need to be shrink-wrapped? We need to encourage more shops to sell loose items and ditch the awful packaging.

Luckily we are seeing a huge shift in the way we view plastic. Many people in 2018 are choosing to live a plastic free lifestyle- or at least have a good go at it! It could be a fashionable fad, but I’m hoping people will stick to it. I would love to see more ‘weigh-and-save’ style shops on the high street and the supermarkets cutting back on the amount of non-recyclable packaging used. Unfortunately even the recyclable stuff uses lots of energy and causes air miles just to re-use and turn into something else. While recycling is great, it still has far more of an affect on our planet than just not having recyclable items made in the first place.

Everywhere we look, we find trash. It breaks my heart to see humans so careless and reliant on this kind of thing. Once upon a time (and not too long ago either) we would walk to our market town, buy exactly what we needed and cart it home in a reusable basket. All of the items would be loose and fresh. Most of the items would have been locally grown or locally handmade. Nothing would be in plastic packaging, but paper or cardboard. We reused bottles and cartons. Now, we take home our goods in plastic bags (not giving a hoot if we paid 5p for the privilege), rip open the packaging and throw it in the bin. No second thoughts given. Don’t even get me started on online shopping!

How do you think making that change would affect you personally?

 I would just have to change the way I shop. I already use reusable canvas shopping bags, and try to buy loose items as much as I can. But, if we lived in a world where packaging was drastically reduced, I would see a prettier Earth. I would see less litter rolling down the street and I would see less plastic lining roads, beaches and fields. I would be happy for my children’s future.  I would feel optimistic for the future. Unfortunately I think people are so stuck in their ways and unwilling to change, I really don’t believe it will ever happen. I genuinely know someone who freaks out at the thought of buying loose veg, for fear of germs. I suppose they would have to starve.

If we wound the clock back 100 or so years, would you see yourself as a Suffragist, a Suffragette or neither? 

Suffragist, by far! The Suffragettes believed in violence and shock. Suffragists were peaceful. The Suffragists also allowed men to help with their cause and I am a firm believer that men can share the same views as women, and be right! 100 years ago a large group of men and women, standing together for change, was far more affective to prove a point than a few violent women. There is enough carnage in this world, without adding more to it.


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. I could almost understand people freaking out about germs without packaging, but you’er supposed to wash your veg before you cook and eat it anyway! #BestBootForward

  2. Interesting read. I am guilty of not caring enough for our planet in real and meaningful ways but you and Lauren also the other Best Boot Forwarder are making me think and change my ways for the better. Thanks for linking up.

  3. in our local supermarket, the cashier tells the bag packer ‘no plastic for madam’ I’ve had to kick up quite a fuss to stop them packing 4-5 items in separate bags. I live in Dubai, they have no idea here about recycling #bestbootforward

  4. Great post and thank you for joining in with #BestBootForward. Sorry I’m a bit late getting around to everyones posts! I agree wholeheartedly with the issue of plastic and it being so utterly unnecessary. It’s heartbreaking. I was listening to something on the radio about your point of how recycling can be good but isn’t always the best way and waste reduction is by far better. So, we’re trying to be a bit better. Not only because I bloody hate sorting the recycling, but that definitely comes into it! I also heard that where we are they have so much recycling that they can’t handle it and rent space to store it plus a lot goes to landfill anyway so reduction has got to be on the cards if we do anything!

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