Move over kids, I can do that! Frenzy Scooter review

Starting up the car just to pop to the shops, the pub or even for the school run not only burns a hole in your wallet every time the key is turned, but it’s also no fun at all. Driving from A-B is boring. You’re also damaging the environment. Oh, and if you’re planning on driving through the city it’s also time consuming and quite often blinkin’ expensive.

Kids love scooters. They are fun, they annoy old ladies on foot paths and they get you cool friends down at the park. Why should it just be kids that get to do that? I wanna do that!!!!!

Frenzy scooter

The Frenzy 205mm scooter brings that little crazy spark back into our dull boring adult lives. The super tough, foldable adult scooter means you can still annoy those grannies, even if you are in a suit on your way to that yawn-tastic meeting with your CEO.

The scooter folds in a matter of seconds and can be slung over a shoulder with ease due to it’s wide shoulder strap and easy to use folding system. Perfect when hopping on the train and using the stairs about town, without having to leave your scooter somewhere bit dodgy when not in use. When you’re ready to hop back on, a simple release button means the scooter can be secured safely, quickly and reliably without the fear of it crumbling under your weight. Even though I KNOW the scooter is made for adults, I still need to get over my fear of it folding in on itself. This fear may stem from the fact I have been known to ‘borrow’ my 4 year old’s scooter when heading to the shops, and it really did not feel like it would support my weight- probably because the manufacturers never intended a 26 year old to just hop on to My First Scooter and take that bad boy for a spin.

The Frenzy scooter folded.
The Frenzy scooter folded.

The Frenzy scooter is an exceptionally smooth ride, thanks to it’s decent sized wheels- not big or chunky and equally not so tiny and near non-existant. The scooter also has a handy kick stand, so no need to leave your scooter laying across shop doorways like most teenagers do these days. We all just love to pretend we are in the Royal Marines when manoeuvring ourselves over 6 micro-scooters when popping into the shop for a bag of flour and a scratch-card.


From the postman’s arms the Frenzy arrives all ready to go. All you have to do is pop the handle bars into place, unfold the scooter and quickly adjust the handlebars to your preferred height and you are ready to have fun. It literally took around 30 seconds from the scooter being delivered to my house, to my husband whizzing around the block in an excited frenzy. I pinched it to go on the school run the next day and my normal 20 minute walk home (this time does normally including bribing toddlers to ‘keep up’) took me around 6.5 minutes on the scooter (alone, obvs). The scooter easily went very, very fast, and I managed to frighten myself at how smooth and speedy my ride home was, taking corners like a pro. I may have also been grinning like some crazed child which may have been noted by some of the other school gate mums. Embarrassed? Not at all.

The Frenzy 205mm scooter is available through and is £89.95 including next day delivery. Dads will love re-living their childhood scooter days, and also knowing they can ditch the car for a far more fun method of transportation, especially if it means getting to their work meeting with style and speed.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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