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50 Free Things To Do With The Kids During The Easter Holidays

Ahhh, the Easter School Holidays are nearly upon us. The weather is unpredictable, the kids go from hyperactive to bored in 0.6 seconds and it can cost a fortune to feed them… let alone entertain them! Well, put your pennies away because I am going to share with you my favourite 50 FREE things to do with the kids during the Easter holidays, that keep the kids entertained, your sanity intact and your purses full!

I would also like to take this moment to say that please do not ever feel guilty for not blowing loads of cash on days out. Kids don’t care if a special day cost £1 or £10,000. They don’t care if the day cost nothing. All they care about is having fun and spending time with the people they love the most. Save those pennies, and put them towards something extra special, like a trip to the cinema, a short break or a trip to a popular tourist destination.

  1. Nature walk and photograph or sketch your surroundings.
  2. Bug hunt.
  3. Visit your local RSPB. There will be activities on too over the holidays.
  4. Litter Pick.
  5. Make a fort from your sofa or boxes.
  6. Create an obstacle course in the garden or the lounge.
  7. Make an item of clothing. YouTube has great tutorials.
  8. Get baking. We love using waffle mix and experimenting with fruit toppings.
  9. Visit local allotments and see what people are growing.
  10. Explore your local library and check out their activities over the Easter holidays.
  11. Make a vegetable garden at home.
  12. Paint rocks to hide around your town.
  13. Make a Bug Hotel.
  14. Have your own sports day in the garden or local park.
  15. Tour free museums in your area. There’s more than you may realise!
  16.  Learn to knit or crochet.
  17.  Play Pokémon Go!
  18.  Relive some good old-fashioned street games (skipping ropes on lamp posts is a fave!)
  19.  Create a time capsule and bury it
  20.  Plant a tree (or 2!)
  21.  Teddy Bear’s picnic
  22.  Write a book on your favourite topic or create your very own novel.
  23.  Have a scavenger hunt. Write a list of things for your children to find.
  24.  Go geocaching. Check out the worldwide treasure hunt, download the app and go!
  25.  Wash cars. Offer to wash the neighbours to earn some pocket money.
  26.  Stick masking tape on the floor to create a road way for toy cars.
  27.  Make and fly your own kite.
  28.  Jump in muddy puddles, just like Peppa Pig. It’s muddy fun, but nothing a warm bath wont fix.
  29.  Make a scarecrow for the veg patch. Use old clothes that you no longer want.
  30.  Visit the beach and collect shells, fossils and sea glass.
  31.  Create a play shop, with items from around the home. Play with real money to help kids learn currency.
  32.  Make sea shell wind chimes.
  33.  Have a cardboard box ‘Big Build Challenge’
  34.  Make a movie or a talk show video.
  35.  Walk along the river, looking for wildlife.
  36.  Have a garage sale and raise some pocket money.
  37.  Record your very own song. You could even make a music video too!
  38.  Make sock puppets.
  39.  Upcycle some clothes- make bags, cushions or bunting.
  40.  Make a nature pond for the front garden.
  41.  Put on a puppet show. If puppets aren’t your thing, why not create a dance show!
  42.  Make a robot from recycling.
  43.  Do some science experiments. There are some wonderful STEM experiments on YouTube to inspire you.
  44.  Role Play detectives. Create a real life Cluedo.
  45.  Bake cakes and throw a tea party.
  46.  Have a go at tie-dye. Tie-Dye old socks and t-shirts. It’s super easy and great fun. You can even use food   colouring.
  47.  Create a herb garden from old milk bottles. Hang them on a wooden pole along a fence.
  48.  Paint the garden fence… with water. This keeps small children entertained for hours.
  49.  Make your own salt dough.
  50.  Make a wormery.

Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy your Easter holidays!


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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