We did it! Parents have survived the first 2 weeks back at school (although today was our first full day back with both of my girls in school all day for the first time- FYI it felt awesome).


We’ve spent the first 2 weeks ironing clothes, filling out forms, labelling stuff, returning forms, asking how days went, packing lunch boxes and forgetting forms. But it’s over. If we mess up now, there is no excuse that can be used; “I’m still getting my head around having a kid at school and what I need to do about it!”

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We hear this little piece of information all the time. But it’s true, It really is important. If your child skips breakfast it can make them cranky, causes them to lack concentration, and even make them put on weight. But it’s not just breakfast that is important as such, it’s what we feed our kids for breakfast that we have to take good care of. Sugary cereals that are high in calories, preservatives and colourings can be disastrous. These cereals can give a quick burst of sugar fuelled energy and when the sugar rush has burnt off it will leave your child feeling sluggish and desperate for more sugar. Breakfasts should be made of tasty food crammed with nutrients, whole grains, fibre and protein. Slow releasing energy gets the body and brain ready for a day of learning and keeps kids happy until lunchtime arrives.

I have some tips for keeping kids happy and fuelled at breakfast time, every day of the week.

  • Always have a great selection of healthy breakfasts available. Kids quickly become bored with the same breakfast every day, so keep things lively. A meal plan helps.
  • Keep your eye on the supermarket reductions. Just because a piece of fruit is 1 day past it’s best before date doesn’t mean it will hurt you. I like to buy boxes of blueberries and red currents reduced, and freeze them as soon as I get back from the shops. ASDA Whoops! reductions cost 10p, so I buy as many tubs as I can in one go and once frozen last aaaggeess. Throw a handful of frozen berries onto porridge or into smoothies for a quick and nutritious extra on your breakfast.
  • Let your children help plan what’s for breakfast on the meal planner I mentioned above. It gets them super excited. Younger children really like helping to make breakfast too, so get little hands involved.
  • If you are seriously struggling to get breakfast on the table before you have to rush to work consider putting your child into a breakfast club that most schools now run. You will know that they are getting a healthy breakfast before class and you wont miss that important meeting neither.

Skippy peanut butter review

We love peanut butter in our house. Peanut butter is high in protein, cholesterol free, gluten free and eating it reduces the risk of heart disease and even diabetes. The good stuff doesn’t end there. Packed with the powerful antioxidant vitamin E,  bone building magnesium and immunity boosting vitamin B6 it really is the bee’s knees. Or the trees nuts. Whatever.

Skippy peanut butter is awesome. There is a smooth PB that is so gooey and easy to spread, and for those who like a little extra crunch the Skippy Super Crunch really packs a mouthful. Question is are you a smoothie or a crunchy? Personally I’m happy with either, and by happy I mean I could eat the stuff straight from the jar with a massive grin on my face.

We have been having Skippy PB for the last few weeks for breakfast after trying the gooey good stuff for the first time and switching from our usual brand. The American born brand have been going since 1932, so rest assured that they have withstood the test of time and know how to make pretty good peanut butter. We found Skippy smooth to be exactly as it says on the jar. Super smooth and spreads so easily. When smeared on hot toast, it melts into a gorgeous mess. The super crunch too sticks to its words. I even found whole peanuts within the butter, which actually made my day life. I found that Skippy doesn’t taste as salty as some other popular PB brands, and has doesn’t have such a greasy consistency as others too. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Skippy jars are also filled right to the very top. No annoying empty space that could have been filled. Instead I was happy to see as much PB as possible crammed into the jar. Winning!

Nice full jar!
Nice full jar!

Sadly, my daughters school has a no peanut butter policy *grumble*, so no peanut butter in the lunchbox for Little O. She is not a happy bunny. But, there’s no stopping her from having Skippy peanut butter first thing in the morning for breakfast. Toast, smoothies and even in her porridge. She loves it. The girls love my special Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie as a special breakfast treat. It’s so easy to make and we all know that bananas go so well with peanut butter, it is a match made in heaven.

Bananas are also a super food. They are packed with potassium and fibre, they work as a prebiotic, they help you sleep at night, they also give you loads of slow releasing energy, they are full of antioxidants… my list can go on and on. But at the end of the day they are a cheap family favourite that everyone loves- except for my husband. He has an absolute fear of them and refuses to go near me or the kids if either of us are eating them. Freak. Although the smoothie is a little calorific, for toddlers the calories are needed and burnt off quickly as the metabolism wakes up when breakfast is given. Check out my recipe at the bottom of this post to make your own!

Super crunchy. Look at those nuts!
Super crunchy. Look at those nuts!

Skippy Peanut butter is available to buy online from Sainsburys, for £2.25 for a 340g jar. Other stockists include Costco, and Tescos. Prices vary.

For your chance to win some Skippy Peanut Butter to try for yourself, click here to enter my competition!

Super Thick Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie.

Serves 2-3.

You will need:

  • 2 large bananas (you can even add them frozen for a super cool smoothie)
  • 1 tablespoon of Skippy PB (smooth of crunchy!)
  • 1 tablespoon of flaxseed (optional)
  • Half a pint of Soya milk (any milk or milk alternative works well too)

Throw everything into a blender (we use a Nutribullet) and whizz for around a minute until all ingredients are well combined and smooth. Pour into a tall glass, add a handful of frozen berries to decorate if you wish and slurp through a straw!

banana and peanut butter smoothie

*jars of Skippy were sent to us for review purposes*




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Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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