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The New Flora Wrestling Advert

My friend popped over this morning and asked me if I had seen the new Flora advert on TV. To which I replied … No, Why?

Now, she knows that I love adverts and find them fun and interesting to watch (am I the only person on this planet that doesn’t mind TV ads?!) but this addy was in a whole new league of adverts!

The advert is called ‘Flora Presents…. Wrestlers, by Josh’, and its a short animation telling a sweet (!) story of 2 kids making their mum and dad breakfast in bed for their ‘Aninversary’ , but when they get upstairs they discover their parents bonking… or should that be wrestling?

Personally I find the advert very funny, if a little naughty! When our TV seems to only be filled with doom and gloom these days, isn’t it good that we have a little humour to brighten our day?

What are your views on this new ad? Awfully funny or awfully wrong? Comments below folks!

And this is the new ad….


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Freddy says:

    If you’re old enough to understand the joke then you should be able to behave maturely. If you’re too young to get it then you will think it means wrestling.

  2. I think it’s a great advert, like you said it’s about time we added a little adult humour to our tv!!

    1. Why does everything have to have adult humour! Has it come to the point now where even something as benign as a vegetable oil spread has to have sexual connotations. I know about sex, believe you me, but it gets everywhere nowadays. Even my 18 and 20 year old daughters were bewildered by the whole thing. Maybe Flora should give a free dildo for every purchase made. Then try to deal with your under age childrens’ questions!

      1. AdWatcher says:

        Brilliant ad. Free dildo is a great promotional idea too. Perhaps emphasis of the effectiveness of Flora as an intimate lubricant is a possibility for future ads!
        I’m with Freddy and Marsh……lighten up!

      2. Well said!!!!!

  3. I think that it is a brilliant advert. Freddy has hit the nail on the head and anybody who complains really needs to reevaluate their lives. I think complainants have been over-encouraged to stand on their soapboxes and have now been up there so long they have lost all aspect of rational thought.

  4. I think this is an appalling advert!

  5. Kathryn says:

    It’s disgusting. I’m all for a bit of adult humor but when it’s a child talking about it, obviously unbeknownst to what he is saying, it’s appaling. I’ve noticed they’ve cut it off now thank God. What’s wrong with the world nowerdays? Everything’s sex sex sex. I’m 21 and I found it embarrassing.

  6. chrissie says:

    I didn’t like the advert at all, I noticed they now only show the last few seconds.

  7. nichola says:

    Sorry, I also think its terrible. Its still being showed just after watching it. Well said Kathryn playing on the mind of an innocent child.

  8. Saunton Girl says:

    AWFUL Advert, margarine is a food product not a sexual aid and should not be advertised by children in the bedroom.

  9. Ashgaroth says:

    To all those bleeding heart liberals that think that this advert is okay, how would you like it if your children walked in on you and your partner shagging? Would you really like to explain the birds and bees to a young child? Perhaps not as you are probably also the kind that believes that that particular job should be down to schools and subscribe to the fact that ‘sex education’ should be taught in infant school.

    Children should be allowed to be children and should nat have to see this nicely packaged ‘filth’ on the television. I read an article once where someone defacated and sent their ‘produce’ to a friend, dressed up as chocolate coins. The moral here is just because it looks nice does not necessarily make it so.

  10. Pathetic ad, not specifically for the adult content, but the fact that they’re scrapping the barrel using a cheap, painfully unfunny trick to sell something completely unrelated.

    If it was an ad for Durex or something, it would be fine.

    Watching this ad is like being repeatedly hit in the face with a wet sock by someone urging you to buy their product.

  11. Bella says:

    Bloody awkward as hell….. I hate this advert. I’m sorry but people saying ‘lighten up’ need to think outside the box. My mum and dad were appalled at this, why would you advertise friggin margarine by showing at some point, unrelated, a kid walking in on something like that? Don’t give me this bullshit about interesting adverts and crap, there are many interesting and entertaining adverts without being so vulgar. I’m 20 years old and I found this awkward as hell. I personally like the Virgin Media adverts with David Tennant and/or Richard Branson and Usain Bolt…. so don’t start using the old entertainment card on this sad excuse of an advert. It’s becoming boring

  12. Richard Bradley says:

    This advert is actually a good thing for both parents and children. What if your child has heard you jumping away one night? They’re not going to say anything are they?
    Then they see this advert and understand that you were wrestling like other parents do!
    Plus isn’t this a true story in most cases?!

  13. Bleedin-heart-liberal says:

    Ashgaroth – are YOU a parent? If so, how ever did you get your child/children? I’m guessing it wasn’t a virgin birth, so it must have been through similar “‘filth”, “nicely-packaged2 or otherwise.
    You ask – “How would you like it if your children walked in on you and your partner shagging? Would you really like to explain the birds and bees to a young child?”

    Well, it happened to me when my son was small – about three. He woke from his nap and strolled into our room. I didn’t want to stop so just told him we were f*cking and got on with it.” As I expected, it wasn’t the sex, the humping, the noise, that bothers children – it’s the parents’ reaction. He was merely amused and didn’t even bother to ask what or why.
    He has now grown up into a well-balanced, caring and highly successful young man. Not only has he no sexual hang-ups – he has a better balanced attitude to and real friendship with people of all sexual persuasions.
    I rest my case….

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