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The nominations are now open for the MAD Blog Awards 2014 and I would love for you to nominate my blog. Don’t think I deserve it? Well I do! 😉

It’s a very simple quick nomination form that requires no sign-up’s and you just have to copy and past this: into any of the categories you feel best.

Here are the following categories that I think I should be nominated for and why….

NB: I am going to be blowing my own trumped A LOT here. Naturally.

MAD Blog Of The Year.

This is the top award to be won at the MAD’s. Why Am I worthy of Blog Of The Year? Well, I cover near enough everything on here don’t I? I try to keep things fun whilst giving a little something for you all to think about. I share my recipes, I run competitions, I write about fun activities to do with the kids, super product reviews, ideas for frugal living and even my odd little observations of the world.. some of my most viewed posts on this blog are about TV adverts that have gotten the country talking! When I  started blogging I chose not to blog about 1 specific topic, but write about anything and everything that interests me… which turns out to be quite a lot. I’m easily pleased. 

I may not get time to blog every day (I am a busy mum of 2 kids under 2!) and often feel a bit left out of the top bloggers list because of this but I do make sure that I what I choose to blog about, I do because it hopefully not only interests YOU the readers, but it also keeps me sane. It’s nice to take some moments of the day to just think about my Family. Appreciate the small things and all that…

Best Blog Writer

Many of my readers have told me how I make them chuckle (behind their desks at work or inappropriately loud on the bus) and they have also reported back to me how some of my blog posts have touched their hearts and stayed in their thoughts long after they have closed the page. This makes me a very happy blog-bunny. One reader left this comment on my blog… “Amazing blog, had a read of a good few posts. They had me chuckling away. You’re such a good writer Hazel! x”

People tell me that they like my style of writing. Do I even have a style?! I just write how I talk… As I type this now I can hear my whiny little voice seeping into the keyboard.

Most Entertaining Blog

Have I made you laugh at all anywhere on my blog? Maybe it was Coca Colas new diet technique or maybe it was the post about winding up Siri (I heard that post got passed around a few offices!)?

I like to keep my eyes peeled for funny media that I have seen. I have covered the controversial Flora Wrestling advert and even embarrassed myself for your entertainment in a BBC Three documentary… that was for for you all you see!

I can’t think of any other ways I could entertain you. Unless you have cake. Or beer.

Best MAD Blog for Family Fun

The Newhouse Family are all about fun. Life would be a little bland if we didn’t have the most bizarre, head ache inducing, blood pressure raising, paint spilling, grazed knees kinda fun. We appreciate the small and often overlooked ways to play and have a great time in our family. One to remember would be when the our daughters and my (not so little) sisters decided to take an old cardboard box and turn it into the best hideaway house EVER. That boxed stayed in our living room for over a month. How I didn’t trip and break any bones I will never know.

So, there you have it. If you think that I deserve to win any of these awards click here to vote. You can only nominate once, and please do share the word. 

Many thanks, you sexy lot. And IF I win, I’ll buy you all a bottle of bubbly (Lambrini) …. to share of course.


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Just in case you missed it……

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Katherine Wilson says:

    Love the chin people 🙂 Thanks for writing about the awards, here’s wishing you the best of luck for your blog!
    MADs Editor

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