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Coding Critters – review

Our kids are no strangers to the wonderful STEM toys from Learning Resources. Learning Resources are experts in STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) toys for kids of all ages. You may remember our Botley the Coding Robot review, and today I bring you a review for the super cute Coding Critters play set.

What are Coding Critters?

Coding Critters are adorable creatures that aim to introduce pre-schoolers to the basics of coding. Using simple buttons for tiny hands, your child can program their new Critter friends for 100% screen free STEM fun. No need for computers, tablets or apps. All the Coding Critters need are 3 AAA batteries, and then you’re good to go!

There are a few different Coding Critters to chose from. You will find cute cats (Scamper and Sneaker), adorable dogs (Ranger and Zip) and prehistoric dinosaurs (Rumble and Bumble).

Your Coding Critters come with a story book and a lovely collection of extras for your critters to interact with. Read thee story book, play with your pet and their toys and the more you play, the more you will learn about your pet!

Our new friends.

We chose to play with Scamper the cat and her tiny kitten, Sneaker. Ivy fell in love instantly, as your Coding Critters are ready to play with straight out of the box (you do need to insert batteries first though). Within a few minutes she was playing right away, with ease.

As we read the story book which came with the play set, we learned how to program the Critters to play along with the story. First Scamper pounced on her ball of yarn (something our own cats do, especially when I’m crocheting!). Then she ate her supper, a tasty fish. She played with her kitten Sneaker, around the tree and down the slide. They found time to dance and play with butterflies before Scamper takes Sneaker for a nap.

The story allows children to program Scamper to interact with Sneaker and the toys, which work via magnets.  The book also works as a great how-to guide, meaning that children can learn how to programme the Critters through play.

Final thoughts.

The Coding Critters play sets are a lovely collection of toys, which are a great introduction to simple coding. The toys are interactive and diverse, for lots of screen free STEM play.

I found the Critters easy for my small children to understand and code, while they also enjoyed the story to follow. My kids spent hours playing with the coding critters, making up their own stories and exploring different combinations of coding fun.

I would be more than happy to add to our Coding Critters collection by letting Santa Clause know how much fun my children had with this set. Maybe he could treat the kids to the other sets on Christmas day.

These toys are brightly coloured, and the extra scenery and toys are easy to play with straight from the box. The buttons are easy for children to press and they feel strong enough to withstand regular playing, by often heavy handed pre-schoolers.

A lovely screen-free STEM toy, which involves imaginative small-world play.

Where To Buy

Coding Critters can be purchased directly from the Learning Resources website. They are also available online from Amazon, John Lewis and Debenhams (to name a few).

Coding Critters have an RRP of £40.00, but do shop around for the best prices.


*The Coding Critters play set featured in this review, was sent to us in exchange for this post.*

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