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A few weeks ago I popped along to the Bedfordshire Baby & Toddler Show and met a superb couple of ladies, who promised me easy cleaning. HA! What’s that?!

I was given a demo and naturally I was sceptical. I always have been of so-called ‘miracle products’. Miracle face cream, miracle foods, miracle cleaning products. But, I was proven wrong. I watched a product actually work. It didn’t have a hefty price-tag so I treated myself. I was actually impressed. So impressed in fact that I came home, put it straight to the test, watched it work, told all of Facebook about it, called my Mother-In-Law, told her about it… and then sat and wrote this. OK, get the picture?

mrs gleam carpet cleaner

Mrs Gleam’s Carpet And Upholstery Cleaner packs a punch with carpets, sofas and even curtains. It is so simple to use and just needs a sponge to work its magic. The super powerful upholstery cleaner contains no peroxide, no bleach and is totally safe on skin. If your little darling or fluffy pet was to crawl across the rug just after you have just used the cleaner, you wouldn’t need to worry about skin irritations or nasty reactions. Superbly, a little really does go a long way, with only one or 2 squirts of cleaner.

You simply just spray a couple of squirts onto the stain, and let the foamy liquid soak in for about 30 seconds – 1 minute (it doesn’t matter if you leave it longer though, it doesn’t have anything that will melt you carpets away, don’t worry) then using your damp sponge rub the stain away. You don’t have to use excessive elbow grease, just a good firm wipe and the mark will be gone. Literally. No need to pat dry or rinse, the cleaner doesn’t leave any residue and it has no smell either.

magic carpet cleaner

I first tested the product on a stubborn hard black mark on our cream rug. The mark had been there for the last year and I believe it was old play-doh completely trodden into the rug. I had tried various methods to get rid of the mark but nothing seemed to shift it. I was happily surprised. The rug is quite dirty all over as it is now used as a ‘dirt catcher’ underneath our dining table while we wait for our new laminate to be fitted, but I still like it to look clean!

There are lots of other fabulous products from the team at Mrs Gleam’s such as the Stainless Steel Cleaner, Oven Cleaner and the brilliant new range ‘Little Darlings’ which give parents absolute peace of mind that kills 99.999% of germs. There is a high-chair cleaner, potty spray and car seat and buggy cleaner, all safe and eco friendly.

The full range is available from Mrs Gleam’s online shop, and in some retail outlets, including TKmaxx, The Co-Operative, Lakeland and is a regular feature on shopping channel QVC. A bottle of Mrs Gleams carpet and upholstery cleaner is just £5.99 (RRP)

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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