Encouraging Confident Crawling With Galt – Review

Jimmy has just started to crawl. He figured out his cool new trick around 2 weeks ago but was a little on the slow side. Why rush, when his big sisters would bring him all the toys that he could ever want?! But the last 2 days have been fun… he has suddenly found speed! His little arms and legs move at an astonishing rate as he makes his way from one room to the next. I forgot what it was like to have a child in the ‘muddy knees’ club, now that he wants to explore the garden too.

Our good friends at Galt have an amazing toy designed specifically for crawling babies, to help them gain confidence in crawling and having lots of fun at the same time! The Galt Follow Me Ball is a colour changing motorised ball that lights up as it rolls, stops and then changes direction. Jimmy was in fits of laughter as he chased the ball across our kitchen… it even caught the attention of our cat, much to Jimmy’s amusement!

The Follow Me Ball encourages young children to track the ball with their eyes and then perfect those crawling skills as they soon discover that they can chase the ball too. Even if your baby isn’t quite crawling, sitting with your baby and watch the ball magically move across the floor is great for your baby’s development. With its bright colours ranging from red to blue, green, yellow and purple the ball is very eye-catching. Perfect for babies who are still learning to focus.

Your baby will soon learn that they can make their own fun, by following the ball as it rolls away. The Follow Me Ball does roll rather fast, and changes directions randomly too… keeping baby’s attention easily. Jimmy is now 8 months old and now that he has found his super-speedy crawling skill, he has actually managed to catch the ball a few times!

The ball isn’t too large, so it won’t take up much space in your child’s forever-growing toy box, as it measures just 4 inches in diameter. The ball comes with batteries (a parenting win in my opinion!) and to turn the ball on and off, you simply unscrew the ball and flick a switch, then screw the ball back together again. It literally takes 2 seconds!  The ball takes 3 AAA batteries. Our ball has been in regular use for 3 months, and we haven’t had to change the batteries yet.

You can buy the Galt Follow Me Ball directly from the Galt website here and is just £15.99

* A Follow Me Ball was gifted to us in exchange for this post.


Mess Free Painting With Galt

What if I told you there was such a thing as mess-free painting for toddlers? You wouldn’t believe me. I didn’t believe that such a thing existed either until the wonderful team at Galt Toys introduced me to their Painting Sticks. Mess-free, colourful paintings galore!

Galt Painting Sticks


These amazing paint sticks come in a pack of 6 and contains yellow, orange, red, green, blue and purple sticks (one of each colour). They work like a lipstick and are a similar size too! Simply remove the lid, twist the base to push the paint stick up and you’re ready to create some amazing pictures!

The paint dries super quick within seconds and doesn’t sit wet on paper like traditional paints do. You don’t need any paint brushes or water, and I love that the paints don’t all run into each other making a wet yucky mess! Clear, bright and beautiful paintings created with ease.

These Galt Painting Sticks kept Ivy (aged 2) busy for hours. She seemed to enjoy the painting sticks just as much as ordinary paint. I know that she has played with painting sticks before, as I have some wonderful pictures that she has created at nursery using them.

I could easily get them out of the craft box and give them straight to Ivy. She could remove and replace the lids herself and twist up the paint sticks when needed. She soon learnt that because the Painting Sticks were quite soft, not too press too hard. Ivy loved the Painting Sticks and created some amazing paintings. She is always asking for the Sticks now, and for once I don’t silently sigh when she says that wants to paint! An instant win all round!

Galt Painting Sticks are available to buy directly from the Galt website or from Amazon. The Painting Sticks are £4.99 for a pack of 6.


** A pack of Galt Painting Sticks was kindly gifted to me in exchange for this post**