Monster High Gore-Geous Ghoul Anti-Styling Head review

Many kids over the years have grown up playing with the much loved Barbie Styling Head. In 2015 we welcome a new and fun twist on this classic toy with the Monster High Gore-Geous Ghoul Anti-Styling Head. Monster High has been rising in popularity since 2010 and the brand consists of a lovely range of dolls, TV series and movies with a super punky and spooky twist. The films and TV series follow the popular girls at school; Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein amongst others, and have appealed to children who might not otherwise like the classic Barbie doll.

This year Mattel have released a superb new styling head, where girls and boys can create their very own monster. Clip in hair extensions, earrings, tattoos and even neck bolts can all be used to create a new monster every time! The head comes in a coffin shaped box (so verrrry Monster High), and the head is displayed in a beautifully patterned bell-jar. The head glows in the dark too, so once play has finished children can display their creations and spook everyone out through the night on their bedroom shelves.

The 33 piece set comes with lots of fun accessories, and can all be stored in the draw on the bottom of the bell-jar, so they are always to hand when playing. The transfer are very easily applied to the monsters head, with a damp sponge. They stick on well and don’t easily flake off. They are still easily removed though, by rubbing a dry cloth over the transfer. It takes a little elbow grease but nothing un manageable for a child. The transfer pack includes different eyes, eyebrows (the leopard print ones are my favourite), facial decorations, stars, studs and even cobwebs. There is also a sheet of silver stickers too with monster scratches and cobwebs.

monster high transfer tattoos

There are 3 clip in hair extensions in pink, yellow and white that can easily be clipped into the monster head easily. The monster head already has medium length black and blue hair that can be styled however your child wishes. I think the hair could have been a little long so more hair styles could have been achieved but I think the real focus of the toy is the make-up and accessories rather than her hair.

Monster High Head hair extensions

There are 2 pairs of ears to put on top of the head, 2 pairs of ear rings, neck bots, and horns. As well as 2 necklaces and a beautiful heart shaped eye-frame (is that what you would call it?!). A lovely set of accessories, that just push into the holes on the head. I did find attaching them a little tricky at first when the product was first opened, but after little play it did become easier.

monster high head accessories

The Monster High Gore-Geous Ghoul Anti-Styling head is a well made and sturdy toy that would last well, under heavy attention from 6 year olds and 25 year olds alike! I am very impressed with this modern twist on such a classic toy that I know of so well. I would like to have seen the lips changeable with lipstick transfers within the pack, And maybe some more transfers as I think my girls would go through them very quickly. It would be nice to see the transfer and sticker sheets sold separately too so play can last longer.

Monster High Anti Styling head

The Monster High Gore-Geous Ghoul Anti-Styling head is £29.99 RRP and is available in many stores and online including Smyths Asda and Argos. Do shop around for best prices, and let me know in the comments below what you think of this modern spin on such a classic toy.

Get traintastic with the new Chuggington StackTrack toy range


We are huge fans of the popular kids TV show Chuggington. My girls love playing with their trains and we recently discovered the amazing world of the all new Chuggington playsets.

If you haven’t seen Chuggington (Check it out, its brilliant!) then you and your children are missing out on one of the most fun contemporary animated series aimed at pre-schoolers around. The TV series follows three young trains – Chuggers- exploring the rails of Chuggington and learning new skills to be the best trains in the land! The trainee Chuggers learn positive values such as loyalty, friendship, teamwork and patience.

In the all new series 5, Wilson, Brewster and Koko continue to take on exciting new challenges and perfect their skills as hard working trains, under the watchful eyes of their trainers. The new series sees the introduction of a brand new freight and delivery hub- The Dock Yard- home to 4 all new characters, called The Haulers.

Kids of all ages love playing with train sets. A popular choice of toy for many generations and the super world of Chuggington keeps the fun modern, up-to-date and exciting while keeping imaginations running wild, role playing skills developing and everyone becoming their favourite heroic characters with hours of traintastic play!

The Toy Range

Tomy has teamed up with the creators of Chuggington to deliver an all new Tomy Chugginton StackTrack toy line, which allows children to build their own world with tracks, trains and scenery which all connect together to create amazing play scenes. We recently had the chance to check out the new toy range and put wheels to the tracks and see just how fun the new range really is.

chugginton stacktrack review

We soon learnt that the tracks can be built as high as the sky (or at least the ceiling!) and there is no limit to how you can build your track. All pieces are interlocking and work with each other.The die-cast trains are well built and sturdy, and glide along their tracks perfectly. The trains are chunky for small toddler fingers and are easy to play with. My 3 year old loved connecting the tracks, my 2 year old loved pushing the train along the tracks and my 7 month old loved just holding the trains and exploring them with her hands. And of course Daddy had to get involved in the fun, setting up the track and getting lost in his own little imaginative world… typical boy, whos never too old to join in with the fun! The whole set felt strong and sturdy and certainly well built, with heavy pre-schooler play kept in mind. The sets were not fiddly, and was easily set up in no time at all. Each playset can be used with all of the other Chuggington toys from the range, and the track was even suitable for us to push some of our own train toys (such as Brio) along too.

Chugginton Stacktrack reviewChuggington StackTrack Review

The track itself, slots together and has a bumper built up into the track, so the trains don’t just go whizzing off-course! Trains are kept in their place and glide easily from top to bottom of the tracks. I have found that when my girls have played with train sets and the trains fly off of the tracks they can easily loose interest when they have to keep having to move away from the toys to the other side of the living room to retrieve their AWOL trains. Because the Chuggington tracks have the side bumpers, play can continue easily with no annoying distractions… such as run away engines! Some sets include 2 adapter track pieces too, so the new StackTrack can be used with the older style wooden Chuggington playsets so both play sets can be used together for even bigger play. There are even expansion packs available too, for those who want to built their world of Chuggington even higher with more track pieces.

I made a short video looking at 2 of the die-cast trains in a little more detail AND the new Chuggington magazine available in newsagents too.

The Tomy Chuggington StackTrack toy range is available from Amazon, The Entertainer, Smyths, Toys R Us and Argos. Sets and trains vary in prices (between around £30-£40 per set) but are what I would consider to be very cheap in price despite being a strong, well built set of toys from such a trusted brand and each set is large in size with lots to play with. Each of the StackTrack trains are priced at £4.99, also a very reasonable price for such a solid toy. Expansion sets of extra track are £16.99.